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Friday, 28 October 2011

"Now The Butt-Licking Finally Begins"

Bailhache WILL go for Chief Minister

After topping the Senatorial poll in the elections last week, Senator-elect Sir Philip Bailhache has today announced that he WILL be running for Chief Minister.

That means so far there are three declared candidates; Sir Philip; Home Affairs Minister Senator Ian Le Marquand; and number two in the elections, Social Security Minister Senator-elect Ian Gorst.

It has been widely rumoured that Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf would stand, but he is yet to confirm his intentions.

It is possible there could be more last minute candidates and it will be up to States members to decide who gets the top job.

Sir Philip said: "I will seek election to the office of Chief Minister on Monday 14th November. Constitutional reforms remain a primary objective, but the Island faces a number of other serious challenges both domestically and internationally in the months and years ahead.

"I should like to give members the opportunity of deciding whether I can offer the kind of leadership that the States will need during the next three years."

The Chief Minister is chosen by the States on 14 November. This year, for the first time, their vote will be open, so we can see who voted for who. Islanders don't get a vote - but who would YOU choose if you could?

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  1. God help us if any of them get in

  2. Dont kid yourself the vote is currently an open one but WILL soon be changed to a closed one.

  3. There was never any doubt that Sir Philip Bailhache was going to stand, it it now a one horse race!