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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

"My God - A Jersey First - Lawyers Who Aren't Affraid Of The System!!!"

States sued over child abuse and neglect

Advocate Tim Hanson
Advocate Tim Hanson

LAWYERS acting for children who suffered lengthy sexual abuse and neglect, despite regular contact with States support services, are suing the Health Minister on their behalf.
The children were the subject of the Island’s first serious case review which concluded that social services, the courts, the police, schools and other agencies failed to stop an appalling cycle of abuse which continued over a 12-year period.
In that case, the Royal Court finally removed the children from their mother’s care in 2008, when Advocate Tim Hanson, who represented them, called for a serious case review.
Advocate  Hanson has confirmed that he has started legal proceedings seeking damages for alleged negligence, on behalf of the children, in the serious case review against Health Minister Anne Pryke, as the person responsible for the Health and Social Services department.


  1. 12 years! As Pryke is new to the job it looks as if most of those twelve years will have been on someone elses watch! And the upshot will be that the Health department will get sued for loads of money and the incompetent officials involved will not be named and will keep their jobs.


  2. Yes, but even so, that does not detract from the fact that Pryke is a useless halfwit who is used to the most sordid of corruption.

    Take a look at her deceased husbands record as a cop in this island, criminal....

  3. I would love to see all these turd burglars rounded up, put against a wall, and shot with balls of their own shit!

  4. He will not be doing it for free though. Ask him how much the States of Jersey have paid for the case so far - £500K?