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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

"The Jersey Public Vote For Continued Corruption, Cover-up's, & A Bucket Full Of Child Abuse"

"The Scene Below - Will Happen Soon"

It was never going to be this election that change happened for the good of the mere human in Jersey. But shortly, when money is worthless, and food is King, Monsters like King Birt, the Bailhache Bullies, Tim Le Twot, and all their blind servile halfwited followers who value money as thought they would be safe, will become the losers, the raped, the forgotten.

The slight man, with the big heart, the compassion, and the stomach for sharing, WILL become KING!

"Two things are certain in life, change, and death. Those who do not fear death, can accomplish anything, those who fear change, can accomplish nothing"

Sorry the above quote has changed so much in the last three hours, but, "I just made it up as I went along" :)

Even 'Phick Phil' can understand that one ???


  1. Ian , just go shag Stuart.
    You know it's just getting a little embarrassing
    You arse lick the guy.
    Meet some people that have been GROOMED
    By Syvret,
    There are plenty
    I think the word is
    Serial Groomer

  2. Actually, I admire the guy, he seems to remind me oh so much of me :)

    Not a coward, not a sh!thouse, not someone who will run and hide behind some poopstabber with tonn's of dosh.

    Just an honest decent guy who cares about his fellow man, even the scum, to some small extent, Stuart is a humanitarian, a carer, something that an absolute "EMOTIONLESS FUCKWIT" like you could never hope to understand in ten lifetimes....


  3. well said ian anon above is just a twat with nothing better to do.a feel gutted for stuart and jersey there are real bad times ahead.