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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

"Jersey - Economic & Political Stability - Yeah Right"

Channel Islands could cash in on Euro crisis

The Channel Islands look set to benefit from the financial crisis in the Eurozone.

Channel Television has learned Jersey and Guernsey are pitching themselves as safe havens from all the uncertainty - it comes as EU leaders meet to agree deals which could save the Euro from collapse.

Top level summits, led by Germany's Angela Merkel and France's Nicholas Sarkozy, are this week hoping to broker agreements which will save the Euro from collapse.

The Channel Islands Stock Exchange, based in St Peter Port, lists more than four thousand different stocks, with a market value in excess of fifty billion dollars. And it's the relative calm of the Channel Islands right now which could make Jersey and Guernsey a small fortune.

Tamara Menteshvili, chief executive of the Channel Islands Stock Exchange, said, "As you see within the Eurozone some of the countries are having their credit rating reduced. Now people are absolutely determined to reduce their risk exposure, so people are saying they'd rather look to an environment in the same hemisphere where there's stability. Whether it be economic stability, political stability or a combination of both, and I think that's where we score."

The situation in Europe is making the headlines on a daily basis. But it's that uncertaintly which is throwing up an opportunity for the Channel Islands.


  1. jersey is waist high in a fog of greed , spiritedly speaking .

  2. Ah, that old one about political stability. This has always been a code for having the plebs in their place.

  3. Indeedy!

    But the smart plebs have spent their oppression learning the rules so they know how to break them properly :)

  4. We look forward to Monday's posting with a sense of real optimism and freedom....