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Thursday, 13 October 2011

"Estate Agent Roger Trower - Sick Of Jersey Greed"

Estate agent gets support for ‘stealth tax’ opposition

Roger Trower
Roger Trower

AN estate agent’s stand against ‘stealth taxes’ has won wide public support – and he says he is standing firm against the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

Last week Broadlands managing director Roger Trower said that he would not be paying new fees levied by the commission under anti-money-laundering rules.
And he says that since he went public, he has had support from Islanders everywhere he has gone.
The JFSC want fees of £400 plus £100 per employee under anti-money-laundering rules. Mr Trower and several other firms are refusing to pay – saying that no one is laundering money through buying Jersey property, and that in any case, all transactions have to go through court and a comprehensive legal checking process.


  1. Oh the irony of it all

  2. Hope the Angry Seven have not resorted to breaking the law or they will all be getting the early morning knock on the door.

  3. maybe houses are not selling .oh poor ol estate agents ,join the real world