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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

"Curtis Warren - Jury Fixing?"

New Trial For Curtis Warren?

A renowned drugs baron who tried to import £1 million worth of cannabis into Jersey is trying to get his conviction quashed once again.

Curtis Warren initially thought he may get off when the police used illegal means to obtain evidence against him - but a court upheld his conviction.

Now his defence team are appealing again; this time over a juror at his trial who may have been illegally approached.

It is Curtis Warren's latest attempt to escape his conviction.

The appeal involves a fairly complex chain. It centres around a jailed lawyer, a juror at Warren's trial, a Jersey rugby match and an Indian restaurant.

First, the jailed lawyer - he is Advocate Justin Michel. He was sentenced to 15 months this year for perverting the course of justice.

He submitted a witness statement relating to one of the jurors at Cocky's trial and claims the juror told him he was approached at a Jersey Rugby match by a police officer.
According to Michel, they effectively told the juror 'they're guilty', relating to Warren's case.

These revelations reportedly unfolded in an Indian restaurant in St Helier. Justin Michel said in his statement that the juror - who was a friend of a friend - joined them for dinner, told them what happened at the rugby match and explained that he was subsequently removed from being a juror in the case. It is that development which led Warren's defence team to appeal.

That appeal has been turned down by the Solicitor General Howard Sharp, but now Warren's lawyer, Stephen Baker, has approached the Lieutenant Governor.

Advocate Baker wants Hampshire Police to investigate the matter.

Advocate Baker said: "I see no good reason that the juror should not be named to Hampshire Police. I repeat, Hampshire Police are an independent police force and there is every reason that this allegation should be investigated."

If the allegation is investigated and proved to be true the consequences could be huge.

According to Advocate Baker, Warren's conviction could be quashed and he could be a free man.

That would be an incredible outcome, from what has been in many people's eyes, an incredible case.

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