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Monday, 31 October 2011

"BDO Alto Report - Jersey Government - Failures Or Corruption?"

"Graham Power & Stuart Syvret
Give Evidence"

From what has surfaced already in this scrutiny hearing, it is improbable that the final report will be anything other than a damning indictment of incompetence, corruption and cover up.

Please click on the pic to read it

Some links for the story, make your own minds up :)

Thanks to Rico Sorda for the links

"The BBC & Licensing - You 'MUST' Buy One"

"The Great Deception"
See our view below


A Letter To Licensing!!!

TV Licensing got my back up by threatening to send the ‘boys’ round.
So I wrote them a strongly worded Notice, in which I removed their implied right of access to my door.
Their reply confirmed that they would not call at my door, but they still wanted me to give them my personal information ‘for our records’

No one is 'OBLIGED' to purchase a BBC TV License
for a signal they did not ask for!!!
Another 'STATUTE SCAM' they pulled on you :)

Here’s my response;

Dear Gemma Beasor,

You seem to have some egregious presumptions and misconceptions, please let me educate you.

TV LICENSING is a Limited Liability Company, a legal fiction, a dead thing, without flesh and blood or a mind and not blessed with a soul. I, on the other hand, am a living breathing man, flesh and blood blessed with a mind and a soul. I operate with unlimited liability.

If you do your due diligence at Law, you will find that your Company has no right to talk or correspond with me, absent my consent, and certainly cannot have a claim upon a man or woman.

Now you have been made aware of these facts, I strongly recommend you investigate the above, because in your capacity as an agent of TV Licensing, failure to do so is gross negligence which is equaling to fraud, and I do not take too kindly to fraud.

If your company does not want me to receive it’s signal, I suggest you "STOP" sending me one.

As for your records, they are of no concern to me, though I would advise you make a note not to send me any more correspondence "EVER" again. Should you fail to heed my advice I will lay out my fee schedule in case of your non compliance.


To dispose of your unwanted correspondence;
£1,000.00 (one thousand) Great British Pounds Sterling, per item.

To speak or otherwise converse with any agent of TV Licensing
£1,000.00 (one thousand) Great British Pounds Sterling, per minute or part thereof.

Thank you for your attention to this matter   

"Safe Jersey - The 'Big Society' In Action"

"Such A Tranquil Isle"

"Invest In A Good Cause"

Poppies go on sale from today

The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal has been launched in Jersey with a short ceremony at the Cenotaph, with the famous poppies going on sale from today.

The haunting tones of The Last Post signalled a fortnight of remembrance for the fallen, and the start of the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

Jersey's new Lieutenant Governor, General Sir John McColl, was the first to place a poppy in the Field of Remembrance. He was followed by the Bailiff and political leaders.

This year a "platoon" of six Chelsea Pensioners are visiting the island to help with the fund-raising. Last year's efforts raised £185,000 locally - all of it spent on maintaining the welfare of service men and women.

It is believed there are up to 5,000 living in Jersey, any of whom may need help at some time.

With a salute to war heroes, the pensioners were off on one more mission to help.

Friday, 28 October 2011

"States Of Jersey Not Trusted By Abuse Victims"

Cover Up Jersey, Distrusted & Corrupt

SO, some of the victims are trying to take matters out of the Oligarchies hands?
And rightly so, the Jersey System is beyond redemption and repair.

From the beginning, child abuse has been covered up, and with every effort being made to keep it that way. Then along come Syvret, Power & Harper and KER BOOM!!! the flood gates where blown open after many long decades.

Even now, our vile regime are calling the abused
'alleged victims'
and trying to undermine them at every opportunity.
And what of the impending disaster to be known as the
What cover-ups, tricks, cons and stunts are going to be pulled in the attempted cover up of that little charade?

Please visit the link below to get some understanding of
just what they all went through!!!

Please left click on the pic below to read it

"Damian Rzeszowski Accused In Court"

A Monster Appears

"Choosing Sides 'BEFORE' The Battle"

Paul Le Claire should have chose at the outset of his political career, just exactly what side he was on. I remember him telling me many years ago that he was going to fight the Oligarchy, and he would be a servant of good to the public.

In no time at all, he caved in to his Masters and joined their ranks.
Then he caved in to pressure from the Bloggers to tell what he had heard said in the corridors of power.
He then reverted back to type and went butt-licking the Chief Minister at his Motion of Censure vote. Anyone changing sides this much is trusted by neither side, and subsequently, is discarded by all sides....Unlucky Chucky

"Scary Stuff At The Horror Hospital"

Looks like another three years of bumbling by Pryke!!!

"Now The Butt-Licking Finally Begins"

Bailhache WILL go for Chief Minister

After topping the Senatorial poll in the elections last week, Senator-elect Sir Philip Bailhache has today announced that he WILL be running for Chief Minister.

That means so far there are three declared candidates; Sir Philip; Home Affairs Minister Senator Ian Le Marquand; and number two in the elections, Social Security Minister Senator-elect Ian Gorst.

It has been widely rumoured that Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf would stand, but he is yet to confirm his intentions.

It is possible there could be more last minute candidates and it will be up to States members to decide who gets the top job.

Sir Philip said: "I will seek election to the office of Chief Minister on Monday 14th November. Constitutional reforms remain a primary objective, but the Island faces a number of other serious challenges both domestically and internationally in the months and years ahead.

"I should like to give members the opportunity of deciding whether I can offer the kind of leadership that the States will need during the next three years."

The Chief Minister is chosen by the States on 14 November. This year, for the first time, their vote will be open, so we can see who voted for who. Islanders don't get a vote - but who would YOU choose if you could?

The Only One With The Experience & Integrity!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Syvret And Power Will Give Evidence At Final 'BDO Alto' Scrutiny Hearing"

Graham Power;

Stuart Syvret;

Giving Evidence to the Sub-Panel:

Friday, 28th October, 11.00 a.m, the States building.

Some months ago, a Jersey parliamentary committee was established to examine how a major accountancy firm, BDO Alto, came to be engaged to “review” the financial management of the historic child abuse investigation in Jersey, but then undertook this “review” without interviewing – at all – the key, centrally involved person, former Senior Investigating Officer Lenny Harper.

The Sub-Panel is also examining a number of closely related issues – not least the nature of that “review” -and how it, and its subsequent presentation, was used by certain media outlets to falsely undermine the child abuse investigation and to attack its integrity.

That Sub-Panel will be hearing evidence - in public - from two witnesses, this Friday, 28thOctober, from 11.00 a.m, in the Blampied Room of the States building.

Those two witnesses are Graham Power, and me.

Mr. Power is giving evidence from 11.00 a.m, via live-link, and I will be giving evidence in person, once the Panel have concluded hearing Mr. Power.

These are the terms of reference of the Scrutiny Sub-Panel:

·         To examine the instructions under which BDO Alto was engaged to review the financial management of Operation Rectangle and their methods for gathering evidence for this review;

·         To clarify the connection between the BDO Alto review and the review on the same matter separately commissioned by the Acting Chief Officer of Police;

·         To identify the reasons why the Senior Investigating Officer for Operation Rectangle was not interviewed by BDO Alto and was not given the opportunity to respond to the report’s findings;

·         To clarify the liaison between BDO Alto and the Wiltshire Police, in particular the references in the BDO Alto report to the Senior Investigating Officer’s statements to Wiltshire Police;

·         To investigate how details of the review into the financial management of Operation Rectangle came to be published in a national newspaper in October 2009; and

·         To consider the implications of the Sub Panel’s findings.

Regular readers will be aware that former Police Chief Officer, Graham Power, Queens Police Medal, produced a 94 page statement as a submission to the Wiltshire police inquiry. Certain parts of that document are of direct and very significant relevance to the work of the Sub-Panel – and I imagine that evidence, and the issues that arise, will be the focus of the public hearing this Friday.

Certainly – for my part, being in possession of a copy of the report, I can say now there are a number of matters I will be addressing, that fall foursquare within the Sub-Panel’s terms of reference - and which are supported by the evidence of the document.

Additionally, there are other matters in my knowledge, which will form a part of my live evidence to the Sub-Panel.

This will be the Sub-Panel’s final live, evidential hearing before it concludes its report.

As the hearing is open to members of the public, I recommend attendance if you have time.

It promises to be most interesting.


"If Ozouf Says It's Good - It Probably Ain't"

Euro debt deal ‘good news for Jersey’

Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf
Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf

THE trillion-euro debt deal clinched early this morning by European leaders will provide a knock-on boost for Jersey’s UK-dependent economy, according to the Island’s Treasury Minister.

Senator Philip Ozouf said that the current ‘economic chill’ on markets, businesses and jobs in the UK had a knock-on effect on the Island, and that a more stable and secure Europe was good for business and good for Jersey.
Speaking after agreement was reached on a deal for banks to write off 50 per cent of the Greek debt and bolster Europe’s ‘bail-out fund’ to one trillion euros (£880 billion), the Senator said that although Jersey would not be directly affected, there would be an indirect benefit to businesses and Islanders.

"Is There Anything Left?"

‘Dip into the rainy day fund’

Deputy Geoff Southern
Deputy Geoff Southern
AN extra £20 million could be pumped into Jersey’s struggling economy next year if new proposals are agreed by the States.

Deputy Geoff Southern has called for the money to be withdrawn from States Strategic Reserve account – known as the rainy day fund – and used to create and safeguard jobs during 2012.
The Deputy hopes that the money will be used in a similar way to the £44 million which has been withdrawn from another States reserve account to stimulate the economy over the last three years.
The money has been used to fund major construction work, bring forward housing refurbishment projects and to help Islanders retrain and develop new skills.

"Lazy Plumpers Should Not Get Free Op!"

Jersey gets £150,000 for gastric surgery

Alberic Fiennes  
Alberic Fiennes says the surgery is not just about promoting feelings of wellbeing

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More money has been made available for gastric surgery in Jersey.
Obese islanders will soon be able to benefit from treatment such as bypasses and bands to make the stomach smaller.
Jersey's health service, which has been guaranteed funding of £150,000, hopes up to 13 people a year will benefit from the surgery.
The health service said obesity rates in Jersey were rising steadily. It believes the problem is costing the island more than £5.5m a year.
Nathan Wright, who had a gastric bypass earlier this year, said: "It got to the point where literally walking upstairs was difficult, I was getting out of breath, and taking the dog for a walk was really not possible.
"My health, my blood pressure and cholesterol were up and, having been diabetic since I was two, there were ongoing issues.
"I tried many different ways to try and lose weight and it just didn't work."
Alberic Fiennes, the consultant surgeon who performs gastric surgery on Jersey people in the UK, said: "People always think it's just a matter of improving people's feelings of well-being about their size and about their weight.
"But the fact is being severely overweight is the commonest determinant of other serious conditions such as diabetes, sleep apnoea and coronary artery disease.
"By getting the weight down one is reducing patients' morbidity from all those other conditions."

"Putting The People Last - That's Our Incompetent Government"

Two more days to go …

Work continues on the park before Saturday’s official opening
Work continues on the park before Saturday’s official opening

A NEARLY finished multi-million-pound Millennium Town Park is due to open on Saturday morning.
The official opening of the long-awaited park will begin at 10 am with the unveiling of some of the area’s key features. But Transport and Technical Services admit that there will still be some work left to do to complete the project.
On Saturday visitors will be able to see the switching on of the park’s water curtain, two specially commissioned pieces of art and the children’s play area, as well as being able to view the park’s sports court.
First called for by the public after a petition was gathered by the Millennium Town Park Group in 1997, the project has been a lengthy and complicated process. But with the end in sight, TTS are keen to see as many Islanders as possible at the opening.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

"Swiss Army Knife Will Get You Jailed In Jersey!!!""

Jail for people carrying well as for drinking wine at home!!!

Assistant Magistrate Bridget Shaw
Magistrate Bridget Shaw

ANYONE caught carrying a knife in public can expect to go to prison, a judge warned yesterday when she jailed a man for concealing a 20 cm knife in his trousers.

John Luis Gouveia, who initially denied to police that he had a kitchen knife with him in town last August, was jailed for five months by the Magistrate’s Court yesterday.
Although the defendant did not threaten anyone with it or try to use it, he had the knife in a ‘very dangerous situation’, Assistant Magistrate Bridget Shaw said.
‘Those who carry knives must expect to go to prison,’ she said. ‘I have considered the alternative in this case but because of the circumstances I feel I have no option but to send you to prison today.’

"Is Terry Le Sewer A Qualified Judge?"

Call to change courts evidence warnings by....the 'outgoing' Chief Minister???


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The way evidence is handled in Jersey's courts could change under plans being looked at by the States.
Jersey's Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur has proposed amendments to the Criminal Justice Law.
The senator wants judges to decide whether it is necessary to warn juries to treat any evidence with caution.
At present, judges must tell jurors it is dangerous to convict if evidence from a child, accomplice or sex assault victim has not been corroborated.

The Jersey Law Commission has recommended abolishing this rule, as has happened in England, and instead leave it to the judge's discretion.
Senator Le Sueur said he also wanted to make it clear that evidence can be given in the magistrate's court and youth court through a live television link, in the same way as it can be in the Royal Court.

Another recommendation is that no formal proof should be required to establish whether the victim of child pornography is under the age of 16.
The minister said that should be judged from the evidence as a whole.
The States are due to debate the proposals on 6 December.

More on This Story

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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

"Jersey - Economic & Political Stability - Yeah Right"

Channel Islands could cash in on Euro crisis

The Channel Islands look set to benefit from the financial crisis in the Eurozone.

Channel Television has learned Jersey and Guernsey are pitching themselves as safe havens from all the uncertainty - it comes as EU leaders meet to agree deals which could save the Euro from collapse.

Top level summits, led by Germany's Angela Merkel and France's Nicholas Sarkozy, are this week hoping to broker agreements which will save the Euro from collapse.

The Channel Islands Stock Exchange, based in St Peter Port, lists more than four thousand different stocks, with a market value in excess of fifty billion dollars. And it's the relative calm of the Channel Islands right now which could make Jersey and Guernsey a small fortune.

Tamara Menteshvili, chief executive of the Channel Islands Stock Exchange, said, "As you see within the Eurozone some of the countries are having their credit rating reduced. Now people are absolutely determined to reduce their risk exposure, so people are saying they'd rather look to an environment in the same hemisphere where there's stability. Whether it be economic stability, political stability or a combination of both, and I think that's where we score."

The situation in Europe is making the headlines on a daily basis. But it's that uncertaintly which is throwing up an opportunity for the Channel Islands.

"A Drop Of Common sense"

Raise minimum wage to cut benefit costs, says Deputy

Deputy Geoff Southern
Deputy Geoff Southern

JERSEY’S minimum wage should be significantly increased to wipe out the huge cost of supporting the Island’s poorest workers, Deputy Geoff Southern has said.
According to the politician, every £1 paid to the States in income tax and social security by people working at or close to the minimum wage costs the taxpayer about £3 in benefits.
The Deputy is now calling for the minimum wage to rise from its current level of £6.32 per hour to between £7.80 to £8.20 per hour to reduce the need for poorer workers to claim the support.
He said: ‘It is time to transfer the burden of this cost from the taxpayer to the employer’.

Monday, 24 October 2011

"Robert Green - Hollie Grieg - Satanic Child Abuse"

A Video By Robert Green

Please see Robert's Blog at the link below

"Self Catering In Jersey - What A Bloody Choice!!!"

Who will take the top spot?

Who's going to be Jersey's new chief minister?

After three years in the top job Senator Terry Le Sueur is standing down.

But so far only one man's put his name forward - Senator Ian Le Marquand.

But there could be at least three others lurking in the wings.

A potential favourite is last week's poll topper Sir Philip Bailhache. So far he's made no formal declaration, but says he will make his mind up by Friday.

Social Security Minister Ian Gorst has also said he'd consider standing.

And Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf is sitting on the fence.

"A 'Stella' Moment Jon Would Be Proud Of"

Night-clubbing mother left daughter (6) home alone

The woman appeared in  the Magistrate's Court
The woman appeared in the Magistrate's Court

A MOTHER left her young daughter home alone to go night-clubbing with friends.
The woman left her six-year-old daughter alone in bed with a mobile phone and headed for town.
In the Magistrate’s Court the 30-year-old woman was told to pay a £480 fine with her ‘Stella Artois allowance’ after she admitted intentionally neglecting her daughter in August.

"Jersey System To Corrupt For Scrutiny"

Scrutiny under scrutiny

 Jersey's scrutiny panels are failing to hold government to account.

That is according to the president of the Chairman's committee.

Senator Sarah Ferguson says there is a perception ministers do not take scrutiny seriously and the panels are seen as an opposition party.

She intends to tackle to problem before the new States sit in November.

"Security Firms Could Do Cops Jobs"

Privatisation of some police duties under consideration

Superintendent David Oakley of the Sussex police
Superintendent David Oakley of the Sussex police

PRIVATE security firms could be drafted in to guard suspects in police custody to free up officers for front-line duties and save cash.
Outside contractors might also be employed to do back-room paperwork that keeps bobbies off the beat.
Establishing more partnerships with the private sector is one of several ideas currently being considered by the States force as it looks for ways to provide a more efficient and effective service.
Superintendent David Oakley, who is on a year’s secondment from Sussex police and is an expert at such strategic planning, is spearheading the major review.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

"Madman Bailhache Already Clamping Down On Rights & Freedoms!!!"

And So The Bullying Begins....

"Strange Twist To Rape Case"

Rape Scene Has Now Moved?

"Advocates Have Caused Enough Damage In Jersey"

The Legal Fiction - Talking Fiction


Millionaire David Kirch borrows money for vouchers

David Kirch  
David Kirch moved to the island in 1973 and has had a successful career in property

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A multi-millionaire who has given away more than £4m to people in Jersey has borrowed money from his bankers to continue his annual pledge.
Since 2005, David Kirch has been giving £100 shopping vouchers to every person over the age of 70 for Christmas.
In a statement, he said that this year had been the hardest and money had to be borrowed for the scheme to continue.
In the last census, one in 10 of the island's 88,000-strong population was 70 or over.
Mr Kirch said: "With ever increasing costs, I do think this year the vouchers are needed and while I have had to borrow the money to give it away, which I know sounds odd, I am happy to have been able to do it."
The statement did not give information on the amount that he had borrowed.
Mr Kirch turned 70 in 2005 and decided to celebrate by offering the money to others who had reached the same age.
He moved to the island in 1973 and has had a successful career in property.
In 2008, he gave out more than £900,000-worth of Christmas vouchers to islanders.

Friday, 21 October 2011

"Saving The Bad News For After The Election - part 3"

Cost of living soars

Unite spokesman Nick Corbel at a previous demonstation over pay
Unite spokesman Nick Corbel at a previous demonstation over pay

FEARS over major clashes between unions and ministers were fuelled today(FRI) when new figures revealed that the cost of living in Jersey has soared by 5.4 per cent during the last year.

The Unite union recently submitted an above-inflation pay claim for its 1,800 public sector members and warned that its workers were ready to ‘fight’ to defend their rights.
And the union’s spokesman, Nick Corbel, today warned that ‘industrial action is a possibility’ if its pay claim is rejected.
But Economic Development Minister Alan Maclean this morning urged employers not to agree to large pay claims – as it would only fuel further rises in inflation.

"Saving The Bad News For After The Election - part 2"

…and the jobless total rises by 140

A jobs fair at the Town Hall earlier this year
A jobs fair at the Town Hall earlier this year
THE number of unemployed Islanders continues to rise, with 140 more people out of work at the end of September than at the same time last year.

Official figures released today reveal that there are now 1,370 Islanders registered as unemployed a month ago – the third highest figure ever recorded and 20 more than at the end of August.
The data is particularly significant as there are usually fewer people unemployed at this time of year.

"Saving The Bad News For After The Election - part 1"

States of Jersey is warned to curb spending

Jersey money 

The States is warned to curb spending as 90% of Jersey's Stabilisation Fund has been spent


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Jersey's Fiscal Policy Panel is warning the States to curb spending as 90% of its savings pot has been used up.
A report from the panel said the States should plan on the basis of an even more fragile and drawn-out global recovery than previously expected.
It said the States should avoid making decisions that permanently reduce revenue or increase expenditure.
Three years ago, the Stabilisation Fund had more than £100m in it, but now it has £10m in it.
The account was set up to help Jersey's economy through the downturn and has paid for projects to keep people in work, such as roadworks on Victoria Avenue and training schemes for young people.
Financial stability The Fiscal Policy Panel report looks at States finances taking into context recent global events, local economic developments, the 2012 Business Plan decisions and the draft 2012 Budget proposals.
It said the risks to public finances have increased since its last report in July and the States should focus on phased fiscal consolidation and financial stability in the medium term.
Fiscal Policy Panel Chairman Joly Dixon said: "With global economic prospects deteriorating we have revised down our economic forecast for next year.
"On this basis and with risks on the downside going forward, the States should be ready to support economic activity without weakening States' finances.
"For example, by bringing forward already funded capital projects or speeding up the planning process."

"Death At Sea"

Condor pledges full co-operation on crash

The wavepiercer Condor Vitesse.

CONDOR will continue to co-operate with all official inquiries into the ferry crash which killed a French fisherman, company bosses have said, following the publication of a damning report into the fatal incident.

However, they said that it would be inappropriate to comment further on the collision in March between the fast catamaran Condor Vitesse and Les Marquises, a whelk boat from Granville.
The impact sliced Les Marquises in half, killing instantly its captain, 42-year-old Philippe Lesaulnier. Two other crew members were plucked alive from the water.
BEAmer, a French marine investigation body, released the findings of its inquiry into the crash earlier this week.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

"More Jersey Madness - Child Abuse C.O.I May Be Compromised"

Outgoing Jersey politicians get budget vote

States of Jersey building  
New members will not take up their seats in the States chamber until 6 December

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Nine current States members will get to vote on the 2012 budget and a range of other issues even though they failed to retain their seats.
There are also nine members who are leaving the states for other reasons.
Due to the nature of Jersey's system the outgoing members will sit twice more, and in those two sittings they will vote on some important issues.
They include the 2012 budget with tax increases, and millions of pounds of spending.
The newly elected members will take their seats on 6 December.
Outgoing chief minister, Senator Terry Le Sueur, said it was better than having inexperienced states members voting on such important subjects.
'fresh and unaware' He said: "It is becoming a bit of an anomaly. When there were three separate elections there was less of an urgency to change it.

Start Quote

The alternative is you have someone coming in totally fresh and unaware of all the implications trying to make decisions in their first sitting in the house.”
Senator Terry le Sueur Chief Minister
"The alternative is you have someone coming in totally fresh and unaware of all the implications, trying to make decisions in their first sitting in the house. It is no-win either way."
Issues they will debate include whether to introduce a commemorative £100 note and whether to increase states members' expense allowances.
They will also vote on whether to alter the change in people's pockets by adding nickel-plated steel coins to the list of legal tender.
Outgoing members will also be involved in a decision over whether people should have to take their driving theory test before getting a provisional licence.
Political Analyst Professor Adrian Lee said this post-election system was an "unusual" set-up, and he could not think of any other place it happened.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

"The Jersey Public Vote For Continued Corruption, Cover-up's, & A Bucket Full Of Child Abuse"

"The Scene Below - Will Happen Soon"

It was never going to be this election that change happened for the good of the mere human in Jersey. But shortly, when money is worthless, and food is King, Monsters like King Birt, the Bailhache Bullies, Tim Le Twot, and all their blind servile halfwited followers who value money as thought they would be safe, will become the losers, the raped, the forgotten.

The slight man, with the big heart, the compassion, and the stomach for sharing, WILL become KING!

"Two things are certain in life, change, and death. Those who do not fear death, can accomplish anything, those who fear change, can accomplish nothing"

Sorry the above quote has changed so much in the last three hours, but, "I just made it up as I went along" :)

Even 'Phick Phil' can understand that one ???

"Safe Jersey - The 'Big Society' In Action"

Domestic violence ‘top criminal issue’ in court

The Assistant Magistrate, Bridget Shaw
The Assistant Magistrate, Bridget Shaw
DOMESTIC violence is ‘possibly the most serious criminal issue’ that Jersey faces, a judge told a man who attacked his wife in front of their newborn baby.

Assistant Magistrate Bridget Shaw used August’s stabbings at Victoria Crescent to highlight to the defendant she was sentencing in court how domestic situations can easily get out of control.
Mrs Shaw also stressed that children brought up with violence in the home had the ‘poorest outcomes’.
The Magistrate’s Court heard on Monday that Paul Watson (40) attacked his wife in front of their eight-day-old baby in March and was subsequently sentenced to probation.

"Philippe Lesaulnier - Death Crash"

Damning report released into fatal Condor crash - News, Weather & Information for the Channel Islands - Condor crash March 2011
Above: The wreck of Philippe Lesaulnier's fishing boat

The captain and senior officers on board a Condor ferry failed to notice a French fishing boat on their radar screen before a devastating crash which killed a father of four, a report into the tragedy reveals.

The captain and crew of the Condor Vitesse also chatted about subjects which were 'in no way related to their duties' just minutes before the horrific collision.

The details have been released in a long-awaited report by the French Accident Investigation Bureau into the accident, which happened in March this year, and claimed the life of 42-year-old fisherman Philippe Lesaulnier.

The French report makes clear that it has been compiled to improve further safety measures by identifying what caused the crash, rather than attributing criminal responsibility for it.

The report says: "In the wheelhouse almost continuous talks without any link with the watch-keeping, maintained an atmosphere not compatible with the necessary concentration to conduct a HSC (a high speed Condor vessel) in the fog."

It adds: "This behavior [sic], as well as the visibility are the causal factors of the incident."

The report says that the Captain and senior officers did not notice a blip on their radar screen which turned out to be the fishing boat 'Les Marquises'.

Monsieur Lesaulnier was killed instantly at 8.42am when the bows of the Condors struck him at 36 knots.

A transcript of a recording of the crew reveals that as the Condor Vitesse sped towards the French trawler in thick fog at 36 knots on a routine crossing between St Malo and Jersey with hundreds of passengers on board the master of the Condor talked about having watched 'Catwoman' the previous evening and told his first officer he was feeling tired.

The report also says the speed of the Condor combined with the poor visibility were also causal factors of the crash.

It reveals that the Captain of the Condor is French and aged 56, and has been an officer since 1977. The Chief Officer, 45, was an officer since 2004, and is also French. The French report notes that the Master and Chief Officer were relieved of operation duties by Condor and placed on extended leave pending outcome of enquiries.

Below: The French Accident Investigation Bureau summary:

Condor Vitesse sailed from Saint-Malo in thick fog conditions; the fog horn had been
inactivated very early and the visual lookout had not been strengthened. The speed had
progressively reached 37 knots.

In the wheelhouse almost continuous talks without any link with the watch-keeping,
maintained an atmosphere not compatible with the necessary concentration to conduct a HSC in
the fog.

This behaviour, as well as the visibility are the causal factors of the accident.
When Condor Vitesse approached the Minquiers waters, both officers did not detect
2 vessel echoes ahead on starboard, the first was a ship that would be passing at a hundred of
meters on starboard, the second was Les.Marquises.

The potter was fishing, with her radar on, without emitting any sound signals. A hand
saw the HSC at the last moment but too late to alert the skipper. The collision cut the fishing
vessel in two parts, while on board the HSC there was a leak in the starboard bow compartment.
The aft part of the potter kept afloat for a time, allowing the two hands to stay on it
until they have been rescued by the HSC crew.

"Curtis Warren - Jury Fixing?"

New Trial For Curtis Warren?

A renowned drugs baron who tried to import £1 million worth of cannabis into Jersey is trying to get his conviction quashed once again.

Curtis Warren initially thought he may get off when the police used illegal means to obtain evidence against him - but a court upheld his conviction.

Now his defence team are appealing again; this time over a juror at his trial who may have been illegally approached.

It is Curtis Warren's latest attempt to escape his conviction.

The appeal involves a fairly complex chain. It centres around a jailed lawyer, a juror at Warren's trial, a Jersey rugby match and an Indian restaurant.

First, the jailed lawyer - he is Advocate Justin Michel. He was sentenced to 15 months this year for perverting the course of justice.

He submitted a witness statement relating to one of the jurors at Cocky's trial and claims the juror told him he was approached at a Jersey Rugby match by a police officer.
According to Michel, they effectively told the juror 'they're guilty', relating to Warren's case.

These revelations reportedly unfolded in an Indian restaurant in St Helier. Justin Michel said in his statement that the juror - who was a friend of a friend - joined them for dinner, told them what happened at the rugby match and explained that he was subsequently removed from being a juror in the case. It is that development which led Warren's defence team to appeal.

That appeal has been turned down by the Solicitor General Howard Sharp, but now Warren's lawyer, Stephen Baker, has approached the Lieutenant Governor.

Advocate Baker wants Hampshire Police to investigate the matter.

Advocate Baker said: "I see no good reason that the juror should not be named to Hampshire Police. I repeat, Hampshire Police are an independent police force and there is every reason that this allegation should be investigated."

If the allegation is investigated and proved to be true the consequences could be huge.

According to Advocate Baker, Warren's conviction could be quashed and he could be a free man.

That would be an incredible outcome, from what has been in many people's eyes, an incredible case.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

"My God - A Jersey First - Lawyers Who Aren't Affraid Of The System!!!"

States sued over child abuse and neglect

Advocate Tim Hanson
Advocate Tim Hanson

LAWYERS acting for children who suffered lengthy sexual abuse and neglect, despite regular contact with States support services, are suing the Health Minister on their behalf.
The children were the subject of the Island’s first serious case review which concluded that social services, the courts, the police, schools and other agencies failed to stop an appalling cycle of abuse which continued over a 12-year period.
In that case, the Royal Court finally removed the children from their mother’s care in 2008, when Advocate Tim Hanson, who represented them, called for a serious case review.
Advocate  Hanson has confirmed that he has started legal proceedings seeking damages for alleged negligence, on behalf of the children, in the serious case review against Health Minister Anne Pryke, as the person responsible for the Health and Social Services department.


Young children found in squalor

The case was heard in the Royal Court
The case was heard in the Royal Court

TWO children aged 11 months and four years were found living in appalling conditions at a St Helier flat littered with more than 100 syringes, broken glass and dangerous chemicals and medicines, the Royal Court has heard.
The home they shared with their heroin-addict mother, who was also pregnant at the time, was described to the court during the child neglect case as ‘filthy and dangerous’, with mouldy baby bottles, dirty dishes, smelly bed linen and used nappies strewn everywhere.
The child’s 25-year-old mother, who cannot be named to protect the identity of her children, was spared jail in what was described as an ‘exceptional act of mercy’.
Instead, she was sentenced to 18 months’ probation and a treatment order for the drug offences and ordered to complete 90 hours of community service for child neglect – the equivalent of three months in prison.

"Cover-Up TV Shysters Butt Out - 'NO CHANGE' Promised For The Future?"

Channel Television to be sold to ITV plc

Channel Television is to be sold to ITV plc.

Contracts have been exchanged between current owners Yattendon Group plc and ITV, though the deal is subject to the approval of the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority

Frightening Prospects Ahead!!!

Yattendon Group plc have released the following statement:

"Yattendon Group Plc today announces that it has entered into an agreement with ITV plc to sell Channel Television subject to the approval of the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority.

Channel Television has been owned by Yattendon Group since 2001 and during that period it has further established its reputation as a broadcaster of the highest quality.

This change of ownership comes as Channel Television is about to enter its 50th anniversary year and marks an important and exciting step in the company’s future. Channel Television is proud of its strong local heritage and under ITV’s ownership, will continue to serve the communities in the islands with high quality news, information and factual programming."

Channel 3 is made up of a collection of 15 regional licensees and one national licence - ITV Breakfast. Eleven of the 15 regional licences in England and Wales are owned by ITV plc, which was formed in 2004 following the merger of Granada and Carlton.

SMG owns the two Scottish licences, Scottish Television and Grampian; UTV has the licence for Northern Ireland and Channel Television held the licence for the Channel Islands.

Many of the core network activities of Channel 3 are carried out on behalf of all licensees by the ITV Network. In particular, the ITV Network buys and commissions programmes and also creates the common network schedule which is exploited by each Channel 3 licensee in their region.

The Networking Arrangements (NWA), which date back to the Broadcasting Act 1990, require the Channel 3 licensees to conclude a set or arrangements that enable them to work together to produce a national television service.

"Safe Jersey - The 'Big Society' In Action"

Man left unconscious after assault

A 29-year-old man was left unconscious after an assault in Mulcaster Street in St Helier.

He also suffered a fractured nose, cuts and bruises.

The incident is believed to have started in the Office pub.

He was taken to hospital and kept in overnight for observations.

Police are appealing for witnesses.

The suspect is described as being a white European male, mid 30's, 6'3", muscular build, bald head and wearing a light-coloured "V" neck jumper and blue jeans.

The area was busy with people at the time and Police are asking any witnesses to contact them on 612612 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Monday, 17 October 2011

"Jersey Cops As Bent As The Alleged Criminals"

"Incredible Jersey - Corruption Rife"
and a voting guide in the bottom right corner of the picture!!! :)

And speaking of corruption? Syvret on Bailhache link below

"States Of Jersey Don't Give A Damn"

Jersey's Roseneath Centre for homeless to close

Roseneath Centre  
The Roseneath Centre is closing and its 15 staff are being made redundant.

Related Stories

A centre for homeless and vulnerable people is to close and 15 people are losing their jobs.
The staff and residents of the Roseneath Centre in St Helier were told about the decision on Monday.
The centre can house up to 30 homeless or vulnerable adults who have family problems or addictions to alcohol or drugs.
Most of its funding comes from the States which says there is not enough money to keep it open.
Manager Janet Du Val told the BBC the residents were very upset when they were told.
Deputy Roy Le Herissier said: "Many factors have come together to force our closure, in particular the lack of funding."
He added: "The final closing date is yet to be confirmed but we are hoping to have several months' grace to relocate our residents properly and to ensure that our staff who are being made redundant have some time to seek employment elsewhere."

Sunday, 16 October 2011

"Common Law - Admiralty Law - And Your Straw Man" Part 8

"How To Deny Jurisdiction In Court"

Before we start this posting, we would like the reader to know, and acknowledge, that anything in this posting is "NOT" Legal Advice, and should "NOT" be perceived as such. Everything written here is merely our own theory.
Please also note, that anyone using these tactics or copying what we have done here, "MUST" know how to defend themselves properly in a courtroom. Lawyer's and Judges have a wealth of knowledge and trickery to get you to consent to their codes of practice, thereby rendering you liable to their penalties after you have been coaxed into giving up your "Inalienable Rights".
"Common Law is the greatest protection anyone has against tyrannical Government and injustice. The States of Jersey have trampled the Law of the land into the dirt."
"The Great Deception"

Common Law - Admiralty Law And Your Straw Man PART 1
Common Law - Admiralty Law And Your Straw Man PART 2
Common Law - Admiralty Law And Your Straw Man PART 3
Common Law - Admiralty Law And Your Straw Man PART 4
Common Law - Admiralty Law And Your Straw Man PART 5
Common Law - Admiralty Law And Your Straw Man PART 6
Common Law - Admiralty Law And Your Straw Man PART 7

Big thanks to Bernard for contacting me and writing the following excellent article about establishing sovereign standing, denying the court jurisdiction, and maintaining your rights as a freeman on the land:

In ages past rulers were not only makers of law but interpreters of law and dispensers of justice as well. Subjects would journey to the place where the ruler was domiciled, i.e. the “court”, in order to present petitions, to settle disputes and to seek his decision on a variety of matters brought before him. A court was thus a) the dwelling of a sovereign ruler and his retinue and b) the place where justice is administered. Later, as civilization became more complex, the authority to determine controversies and to dispense justice was delegated to an organized body, with defined powers, meeting at certain times and places for the hearing and decision of cases and other matters brought before it. We still refer to both these organized bodies and the places where they meet as courts. Now as then, however, a court’s power to adjudicate is NOT inherent but derived – from the sovereign!
Who then is the sovereign? You are! You were born free and unless you have KNOWINGLY, INTENTIONALLY and VOLUNTARILY signed away your sovereignty and your inalienable rights and agreed to be the subject/slave of another man or group of men, you are still a Sovereign, although, most likely, you are completely unaware of it because this fact is intentionally hidden from you!
The authority of a court is derived from sovereign men and women – people like you and me! A Court needs standing in order to act on a matter. For the court to have standing to take up a matter one party must make an accusation against another. The accusation must be backed up by an affidavit, i.e. a statement sworn under oath, otherwise it lacks validity to engage the court.
So the first point about courts to note is that it is people who actually create the court! Even when a person has created the court by filing a writ, complaint or claim the court is not able to do as it pleases in taking the case forward. More people power is needed first. In order to become the arbiter in the dispute/controversy both parties must agree to accept the court’s ruling. If one of the parties refuses to authorize the court’s action then it is dis-empowered. The court CANNOT lawfully proceed!
The second point to note about courts is: THEY ARE NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF. We, the people, have the power! The very fact that the judiciary feels the need to employ intimidation and manipulation, misinformation, lies and subterfuge, denial of due process and other criminal practices, ought to tell anyone that they are well aware of the fact that they are essentially powerless.

Most people have been indoctrinated to see themselves as subject to the demands of the court and government officials, and therefore unable to resist the impositions, judgements and demands made by a court or government official.
Because agreement to the authority of the court is essential for the court to exercise authority over people a series of apparently authoritative processes has been put in place to intimidate and manipulate people into accepting the role of the court in their affairs. Such things as a summons, court order, judgement, penalty and fine carry the impression of authority but they are rarely worth the paper they are printed on. Did you know that a summons, for instance, is nothing more than an invitation/offer to enter into a contract with the court in order to do business? Invitations can be lawfully declined, can’t they? You bet!
Courtroom architecture and processes give people the impression that individuals have no real standing and that the court has all the authority. This really stands out when one views the Victorian Magistrates Court Virtual Courtroom on their website.
The images and video clips show the magistrate sitting high and above all, presiding over the whole realm of the court. The witness box appears like a small prison cell and it is seen as a tough place to be. The lawyers have the right to stand before the magistrate, but the real people, with the real issue to be resolved, are slumped in chairs in the background, as powerless ones, watching other people deliberate about their lives.

Court rooms are divided into two sections: a) the public gallery (where the audience sits and where the defendant waits until his case is called) and b) the area where the proceedings take place. The boundaries are always clearly marked by some sort of barrier. The two sections are connected either by a simple opening as shown below or an actual gate. Unfortunately, too few people are aware of the significance of this architecture. A look at the illustration below will show you what the legal fraternity is hiding from you:
The public gallery represents dry land. Here you are under the jurisdiction and protection of Common Law, also known as the Law of the Land. Under Common Law you are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty and furthermore, you have the inalienable right to trial by jury. The other part of the court room represents a sea-going vessel. Here you are under the jurisdiction of admiralty law, also known as the Law of the Sea. Things are topsy-turvy here: you are considered guilty unless you can prove your innocence and the right to trial by jury has been abolished.

Step from the the public gallery into the other part of the court room and you are considered to have boarded a ship; you now come under the jurisdiction of admiralty law, administered by the captain of the imaginary vessel, the magistrate/judge. This ship, however, is flying false colors, i.e. it is making itself out to be a lawful court when in reality it is nothing more than a commercial outfit operating for profit/plunder. To put it bluntly: you have fallen amongst pirates!
If you, from the safety of the public gallery and the protection of Common Law, unequivocally tell the magistrate/judge of a court of summary judgement that you do not consent to his/her jurisdiction – guess what? – s/he does not have jurisdiction! They will almost certainly attempt to manipulate you into thinking that you are misinformed. They may also threaten to have you arrested. That is nothing but more of their bluff and bluster. Stand your ground! You ARE free to walk out! If they touch you after you have denied consent in order to drag you into their jurisdiction they are committing a crime, i.e. ASSAULT, unless there is probable cause, i.e. you have committed a breach of the peace!
Another of the traps they might set for you is to threaten you with contempt of court. Do not fall for that! Contempt of court is an invention of the judiciary designed by them to remove themselves even further from the law than they already are. It allows them to do pretty much anything they fancy without fear of consequences – this device serves two purposes a) to gain control over anyone who challenges them and b) to weasel out of accepting liability for any unlawful conduct! Should that happen ask them: “Is this criminal or civil?”
A criminal offense needs to be based on an affidavit of probable cause (who was harmed? what is the harm done? what is the remedy sought?) A civil offense needs to be based on a contract. Needless to say they will not be able to produce either an affidavit or a contract to back up an offense that does not exist.

If you do not want to fall prey to pirates:
Never walk into a court room without witnesses.
Do not enter their jurisdiction by stepping from the public gallery onto their pirate ship.
Clearly and unequivocally deny them your consent to proceed.
Do not ever carry out ANY order or instruction (that will give them jurisdiction).
Do not allow them to touch you.
Do not fall for their “Contempt of Court” lie.
There are two types of courts: Common Law courts (de-jure courts) and Courts of Summary Judgement (de-facto courts). Courts of Summary Judgement require your CONSENT to have jurisdiction over you. The judiciary knows this, of course, but keeps it well hidden from you; they will often brazenly lie to you in order to prevent you from finding out this simple truth. In most cases, though, they employ manipulation to get jurisdiction. That is easy for them because you have been kept in the dark about your rights and you will walk right into their traps:
Here are a few examples of the traps they use:
What is…/State your full name?”
“Come forward!”
“How do you plead? Guilty or not guilty?”
“Do you understand the charges against you?”

These questions or instructions sound innocuous, don’t they? But beware! State your name or move from the public gallery or answer YES to the question about charges and you are considered to have granted the court jurisdiction. Enter a plea, regardless of whether you plead GUILTY or NOT GUILTY – and you grant them jurisdiction! In fact, carry out any of their instructions and they acquire jurisdiction! Common Law courts operate with a jury; they are the only true courts – everything else is FRAUD (unless you have consented to be without a jury). Regardless of the nature of the offence you are charged with it is your inalienable right to be tried by a jury. Denying you this right is a crime!
There is NO way in the world I would ever entertain the idea of hiring a lawyer. Lawyers are officers of the court; their loyalty is to the court, NOT, I repeat NOT, to their clients. To put it crudely: your lawyer will hold your hand and console you while the court is raping you! Hire a lawyer and you are deemed to be a “ward” of the court, i.e. somebody not competent to manage his/her own affairs, such as a minor or a mentally disabled person. As a result of this diminished legal status the court will handle your affairs and woe to you, then!

The most important consideration for my wife and myself is this: we do not want to waste our precious time on fools and thugs. Our strategy is therefore quite simple: rather than enter a court in order to argue with the judiciary about the law and the merits of a case we deny them jurisdiction right from the start! This is the only strategy that we use and it works!
We have learnt from numerous dealings with courts and police, both in writing and in personal confrontations, that it is entirely useless to employ courtesy. True, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar but this approach will not work – these guys are not regular flies but dung beetles! Here is the skeleton of our approach:
We tell them in an affidavit well before the scheduled appearance in court, submitted in the form of registered mail with delivery confirmation, that they do NOT have nor will they get in personam jurisdiction. It is almost certain that they will ignore the affidavit. We are therefore prepared for the fact that they will go ahead with their kangaroo court proceedings.
If they know that they do not have jurisdiction, and if they know that we know why would they still continue? First of all, the lower levels of the judiciary do not necessarily know the law. Strange, but true! Furthermore, used to having their way they simply won’t accept that they are up against somebody who not only knows his rights but is also ready to assert them. They always assume that they can intimidate you into submission or manipulate you into granting jurisdiction unwittingly.
When our names are called we rise and remain standing! Some people make a show of not rising, arguing that the court will not show the same courtesy to them. We rise, not out of respect for the court, but for a far more practical reason: psychologically speaking, you enhance your presence and your impact by standing. Quite literally, we stand up for ourselves and our rights! We are also more visible to everybody in the room and at the same time we are now more or less level with the magistrate or judge who usually is placed a bit higher than everybody else. Last but not least it is also easier to be assertive in a standing position.
We NEVER address the magistrate / judge with “Your Honour” or similar honorifics
We do NOT shy away from interrupting – rudely if it must be
We raise our voice – if necessary to shout the magistrate / judge down
Just think of the impression this makes on the audience: they see and hear somebody who fearlessly faces a court, denies jurisdiction, humiliates and embarrasses the court and walks away! In fact, I once had one man come up to me after I had walked out of the court room giving me the thumbs up and saying, with a broad smile: “Good show!” He may or may not be ready to do the same but this is one man who now knows that these scoundrels in fancy dress and fancy wigs are essentially nothing but powerless pathetic clowns and he is likely to talk to his friends about what he witnessed and they in turn....

We do NOT EVER cross the bar that separates the public gallery from the actual court; if we did we would be stepping from the jurisdiction and protection of Common Law, also known as the Law of the Land, into admiralty jurisdiction, or the Law of the Sea.
In the fantasy world of the legal fraternity you are considered to have boarded a ship if you cross the bar. Having crossed the bar you have lost the protection of Common Law and the captain (the magistrate or judge) of the imaginary vessel (a pirate ship), will deal with you according to the Law of the Sea. This captain, however, is nothing like the roguish but likable and ultimately decent Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow; this captain will lie and steal and rape and cut your throat!
We deal with the court from the public gallery, i.e. from dry land, and always from the last row! They cannot physically force us to cross the bar! If they did they would be committing a breach of the peace, i.e. assault, a criminal offence. Neither can they arrest us to get us into their jurisdiction; without probable cause such an arrest is likewise a breach of the peace, a criminal offence.

After rising we announce that we are NOT the name that has just been called; our names are Bernard or Edith. We are administrators for the legal fiction! We refuse instructions to come forward: they are really nothing more than invitations to board their ship and enter into their admiralty jurisdiction. We do not respond to being addressed as Mr or Mrs... We tell the magistrate/judge that we claim protection of Common Law and that we do not consent to his or her jurisdiction! Furthermore, we NEVER carry out any orders they may give; doing so would grant them jurisdiction.

We address the audience in the court room, asking this simple question: Does anybody here have a claim against me?
Note: Claims MUST be backed up by an affidavit of probable cause or sworn statement showing amongst other things: the breach of the peace for which you have been summonsed, the name of the plaintiff who must be a human being (not a legal fiction such as a government agency or police) and the nature and extent of the harm done to the plaintiff. Alternatively, the plaintiff needs to produce a lawful CONTRACT which you entered into knowingly and intentionally and which was subsequently not honored by you, thus causing the plaintiff harm.
Obviously, few cases meet those criteria. If you are up for driving without a license, for instance, ask yourself: What is the harm done? No harm was done to anyone! Is the plaintiff a human being or a legal fiction? The police officer who booked you is a human being but he has not been personally harmed, has he? He therefore has no case against you! The police, however, is a legal fiction and can neither make a claim nor sign an affidavit! Do you have a contract with police that obliges you to take out a drivers license? I don’t and neither do you!
To sum it up: without an AFFIDAVIT there is NO criminal case and without a CONTRACT there is NO civil case! We allow a few moments of silence to let anyone come forward who might have a genuine claim against us. If nobody comes forward (and there is, of course, never anybody with a valid claim) we wrap everything up with the following statement: “There is nobody here in this room who has a claim against me! My business here is finished!” We warn the court of the serious consequences of trying to arrest us when leaving. THEN WE WALK OUT !!! That’s it! That’s all! We do not look back and do not respond to anything more coming from the court.
I have posted Edith’s case of “obstructing police” on the loveforlife website: the link will get you there. You can read about the background of the case and you can listen to the audio recording which we made with our mobile . This recording will show you how our approach of denying them jurisdiction works in practice. Enjoy!