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Monday, 5 September 2011

"Will Ozo The Bozo Run For Chief Minister?" We think the job is already his

Ozouf keeps everyone guessing

WITH just over a day to go before the 2011 election campaign kicks off, voters still do not know whether Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf will be running for Chief Minister.
The Senator is keeping quiet on his ministerial plans, although it had been expected that he would make an announcement over the summer.
He has been unavailable for comment this morning.
Senator Ozouf was known to be weighing up a run for the top job earlier on this year but it is not clear whether he has changed his mind – his robust reaction to accusations that his department had lost millions by failing to complete the project of moving the police station to Lime Grove suggested that he was concerned that the issue might damage him politically.
With the 2011 election campaign formally beginning Tuesday night with the Senatorial nomination meeting, there is still no word from the Senator about what his plans are.
So far, Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand has announced that he will stand for Chief Minister and Senator Paul Routier has confirmed that he is considering running for the job.

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