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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

"Who's Ya Man? - Names To Avoid Are In Black"

Nomination night for Senators in Jersey

It is nomination night for Senators in Jersey.

So far nine candidates have announced they are standing for the four places but others could come forward at the nomination meeting at the Town Hall at 7.30pm.

The nine that have announced their candidacy so far are:

Sir Philip Bailhache- former Bailiff and judge

Senator Freddie Cohen- current Senator and former Planning Minister

Advocate Rose Colley- new candidate and advocate

Lyndon Farnham- former Deputy (1999-2005) and hotelier

Mark Forskitt- new candidate and environmentalist

Deputy Ian Gorst- current Deputy and Minister for Social Security

Senator Francis Le Gresley- current Senator

Darius Pearce- new candidate and town jeweller

Stuart Syvret- former Senator and Health Minister

Chris Whitworth

Sitting Senators who are not seeking re-election are current Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur, Senator Ben Shenton and Senator Jim Perchard.

Senator Terry Le Main has announced he will not be standing for a senatorial seat, but will run as a candidate for Deputy of St Helier no 3.

The nomination meetings for constables and deputies will take place at parish halls across the island on Wednesday.

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  1. Why's Darius in black?
    The domestic "dispute" he publicly had?! :)