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Friday, 23 September 2011

"We Will Quash This After The Elections"

The States get another vote on how Chief Minister is chosen

CHANGES to the Standing Orders of the States to make the election of Chief Minister open will be put to Members in November.

It follows the adoption of a proposition from Deputy Trevor Pitman last week to open up the currently secret ballot so Islanders can see who voted for whom, by 21 votes to 19.
However, the move will not be finalised until Members have debated the latest changes and once again voted on the issue. That means the decision could still be reversed if enough politicians voted against it.
An amendment has been proposed by the Privileges and Procedures Committee Outlining for a decision in time for the election of a new Chief Minister to replace Senator Terry Le Sueur on 14 November.


  1. I will be surprised if this is not reversed,12 States Members were not there to vote,and Ozouf will be sending e-mails all over the place with the usual threats and promises, he is responsible for more e-mail traffic than anyone.
    The brown noses will respond, transparency is a vile swear-word as far as they are concerned.
    I recon than that Sean Power is one of the most disgusting Politicians ever in this Island!

  2. I love the argument that is put out there that if its not secret then grudges can be formed. Is it too much to expect that the person elected as chief minister is able to assign his or her ministers based upon their ability to do the job rather than whether or not they voted for them to be the chief.

    If the elected chief is going to decide on his or her council based on who voted for them then they shouldnt be chief in the first place. There should be no place for favouritism in the states and the way I see it is a transparent vote will prove how much favouritism goes when the council of ministers is selected by the chief.

    Then again, in the great scheme of things members keep bringing back the GST on food debate so perhaps its a case of you cant moan about one decission being re voted for when others do regularly. Maybe at the least there should be a specified time scale whereby you cannot revote until maybe a year or so has elapsed instead of a couple of months.

  3. can any states vote be secret from boss bailhache and sin gin birt?


  4. Hi Ian.

    TheJersey Way Here. Something is going on with my computer!

    Put up last night Ozouf asking for the vote for Chief Minister to be Transparent. "Only Joking"

    You can Lisen HERE

  5. Dont worry.

    The vote in November will be a vote with a new, of at least 50% new states members.

    Therefore the vote will go even more in favour of Trevor Pitman's first successful vote.

  6. @Anonymous Sep24 7:29pm:

    It won't. You need to read Tony the Prof's blog about change number 16 to standing orders. It's at

    Upshot is that the old States will continue to sit until the budget vote goes through - AFTER the standing orders are debated. So the existing 53, many of whom will have no mandate at all, get to hold a gun to our heads.