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Friday, 16 September 2011

"Trevor Pitman Wins A Vote For Open Democracy"

Jersey chief minister vote results will be made public

Jersey politicians have voted narrowly in favour of having an open ballot to elect the chief minister in November.
In the past the vote for the island's political leader, which is done by the states assembly, happened anonymously.
The proposition brought by Deputy Trevor Pitman to open the voting on Thursday passed with 21 members voting in favour to 19 against.
The details of which States member voted for which candidate will now be made public.
Deputy Pitman said it was important for the vote to be more transparent.
He said: "I think secrecy is something that really is undermining democracy and is what a lot of people feel unhappy about.

Current Chief Minister was elected in secret
"I think anything we can do to show a little more commitment to openness and transparency, any more we can do to make people feel engaged in what we are doing, and the fact that we are asking them to participate in life, in politics, has got to be a good thing."
States members will meet to vote for the next chief minister on 14 November.


  1. A small step in the right direction.

  2. Indeed Anon, any move forward, and away from Jersey Corruption must be seen as a victory.

    Imagine this happening ten years ago?