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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

"Timescale Was Unrealistic? - They've Had 11 Bloody Years!"

Town Park granite ‘could have been sourced locally’

Nick Vibert at La Saline quarry says the timescale given by TTS was unrealistic

A JERSEY granite supplier has said that given the proper notice, he could have supplied enough local granite for the Millennium Town Park.
The timescales set by the Transport and Technical Services to produce the granite were so tight that over 2,000 tonnes of paving slabs had to be imported from France and China – despite plans for the park spending over 11 years on the drawing board.
The slabs, imported from China by company Granite Le Pelley, were delivered to the Town Park site last week.
Nick Vibert, manager at Jersey firm La Saline Masonry, would have liked to have seen the Town Park paved in Jersey granite.


  1. I am utterly disgusted by this. It is complete hypocrasy (excuse the spelling). Think Local Buy Local, yep I am disgusted and cannot believe our states members would approve this. Nope, I can believe it. The public are meant to think local and buy local to improve the economy but the wankers above can ust so what they like providing there is a little in the back pocket.

  2. I tried to comment on the JEP, but was once again blocked.
    All I wanted to know was " Who had his or her hand in who's back pocket"?.
    fair question I thought, but then I relised that, It is after all Jersey.

  3. did they have to pay the gst on all the imported stone as it was over the threshold of £240 ???