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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

"Swine Flu Sue Gets Top Job"

Turnbull becomes permanent Medical Officer

Jersey News from ITV Channel Television - Susan Turnball

Dr Susan Turnbull has been appointed Medical Officer of Health on a permanent basis.

She became acting Medical Officer last September when Dr Rosemary Geller became ill and later retired.

Health Minister, Deputy Anne Pryke, said: "Over the last few months Dr Turnbull has developed an important partnership with colleagues in Guernsey, enabling us to establish patterns of joint working which allow for the sharing knowledge and resources.

"This work, coupled with closer ties to the States own Environment Department will allow her, as MOH, to establish a smaller yet highly effective public health team."

The mother of two is a former doctor and became Deputy Medical Officer in 2006.

Dr Turnbull said: "It is with great pride that I formally take up the post, Jersey's Medical
Officer of Health. I look forward to working hard to help protect and improve the health of
fellow Islanders. My family and I love life in Jersey and, in the five years we have been
here, could not have been made more welcome. There could not be any better place to
practise public health medicine."

I wonder if Sue has had her own kids injected with the swine flu vaccine?


  1. I heard from a pretty reliable source that Dr. Rosemary Geller did not exactly retire voluntary.
    The "Swine Flu" fiasco was her responsibility, she jumped the gun, buying shed loads of the stuff, more people died from ordinary "flu", and it cost the Island millions, greatly played down, as usual, when it involves a Civil Servant.

  2. I heard the same, a forced retirement, if you like.

    One thing remains constant in all of this, and that is that anyone with the slightest of medical knowledge knows that the H1N1 vaccine is pure poison to a healthy human....

  3. I used to have flu jabs on a yearly basis,due to the fact that i have serious asthma, then after a bit of research on the internet i seen all the stuff they put into them like mercury one of the most toxic poisons now i take garlic tablets(Allium sativum),its one of the best natural
    antibiotics there is kills all sorts of bugs.and now after 4 years i have never had a cold or the flu.the health department can keep there poisons.