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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

"Supergrass Doesn't Get His Wish"

Deputy Southern CAN stand at elections

Jersey's Royal Court has given Geoff Southern the go ahead to stand in the upcoming election.

Senatorial candidate Darius Pearce claimed the St Helier Deputy's criminal record had not been read out at the nomination meeting - which he said broke the Election Law - and was calling for him to be kicked out of the elections.

However, Deputy Southern called this a "malicious accusation".

The Royal Court dismissed the case, saying no breach had been made.

Mr Pearce submitted claims to the Royal Court that Deputy Southern failed to have his convictions read out in full at this month's St Helier No. 2 nomination meeting by his proposer.

He said that Deputy Southern declared a conviction, but didn't clarify what it was, and therefore deceived the public.

The conviction refers to when Deputy Southern was fined £10,000 in 2009 for breaking the Public Election Law, after he was convicted of helping Islanders apply for postal votes in St Helier No 2 District during the last election, in 2008.

Deputy Southern says he did submit his conviction in writing and if they were not read out properly this would be an error with the Chairman of the meeting.

Today the court was satisfied Mr Southern made a genuine mistake in not listing all 20 counts within his conviction. The judge ruled he had complied with the law.

Deputy Southern says Mr Pearce's claims were politically motivated.

He said: "I believe this is a malicious accusation. I submitted my conviction in writing under Article 39A of the Election Law. If there was an error I believe it concerns the Chairman."

The court had ordered media organisations to hand over recordings of the evening.

At nomination meetings candidates must have their conviction and the details of that conviction read out by their proposer.

One issue that did arise was that it should not be left to the proposer to read out convictions during nominations. By law it should be the job of the Parish Constable. But in practice this does not happen.

No blame was laid on Deputy Southern. Instead the case only served to highlight a slight flaw in the electoral system.


  1. Trying to take Southern out.

    Not attending hustings.

    What is this Pearce bloke on?!

  2. A one way train to oblivion I would guess!

  3. To many people seem to think that Deputy Southern is the only States Member with a Police conviction, then think again, there is a certain ex-car dealer, (Del Boy) who has been in the States for many years, (unfortunately).
    As for that cardboard cut-out at the St.Clements Hustings, well that idiot should be "sectioned"

  4. old tel le main has a conviction for fraud but there was nothing said when he got elected !

  5. I am simply trying to organise an effective opposition. Deputy Southern has proved he is incapable of working with anyone and therefore is the biggest obstacle that any real opposition has to overcome.