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Thursday, 29 September 2011

"The States Of Jersey Think They Own The Fish In The Sea Now!"

Relief Magistrate Peter Harris
"The rules are there for a reason"

Oh, they sure are Peter, the reason is "revenue"


  1. Well Steve's never charged me for any fish he's given me and that's the truth.


  2. "The rules are there for a reason" quite right Peter,the law is also there for a reason

    we,men/women and children have an inalienable right to catch and sell our fish to other m/w/c

    the 'rules' only apply if we agree we are operating in commerce, which we do unwittingly,
    enactments or 'rules' being Admiralty/commercial laws.

    commerce is defined as buying and selling - not buying or selling - not catching and selling - not growing and selling - not making stuff and selling, just buying and selling.

    going on the reported evidence Stephen was catching and selling so was not liable to commercial enactments with regard to buying and selling.

    he is the victim of a constructive fraud because he did not know how to claim his rights and avoid joinder.

    If people doubt the world is run by commercial laws, listen to those who operate in real not quasi commercial environments say



  3. Ron Paul is set to end all tax if he gets to be president of american. A man should keep what he works for. period

  4. Cindy, if you hear from Paul, get him to read this posting.

    Paul has paid £500 for nothing, well, for corporate theft, and because he is ignorant of the truth and his rights.

    Now he is getting stung for £5,000 for an un-needed fishing license for not doing his due diligence on Law!!!

    One day the Sheeple will wake up....

  5. Five and a half grand for a few fish? OUCH

  6. Ian, the person fined is named Steve O'Brien of first Tower.

  7. "The rules are there for a reason".
    So that's ok then.

  8. What shabby tricks your government pulls on their citizens, disgusting.

  9. We will be doing a posting (hopefully) at the weekend, on Debt Collecting Agencies :)

  10. Dept collecting agencies, biggest bunch of unsimperthetic threating nobs i have ever come accross.i will relate my story when you do your posting.

  11. Chancellors debt agency horrid woman

  12. Chancellors!!! They are great, very kind people :)

  13. Hi Ian,

    Many thanks for the information from both you and 'c', unfortunately Steve bought a license before knowing how he could have quite legally not had to pay the fine or license !

    Still as you know I have passed it all on, and one has to chalk it up to experience- a bad and costly one at that.

    Keep up the good work, it's certainly fascinating stuff.