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Friday, 2 September 2011

"States Ask Jersey 'MUGS' To Pay Again"

Sculpture needs your help to take flight

Jersey News from ITV Channel Television - Jersey Airport roundabout
The States want the dramatic sculpture to stand on the roundabout outside the entrance to the Airport

Jersey's Economic Development Department are looking for funding to reinstall the sculpture 'Flight', which used to take pride of place in the Airport Departure Hall.

They would like to place the bronze structure - which depicts a series of mallards taking flight - at the airport roundabout but need £9,000 to carry out the work.

The £45,000 sculpture became a commercial casualty of the airport refurbishment and has been looking for a home ever since.

Assistant Minister for Economic Development, Senator Paul Routier, said: "It has always been the intention of Jersey Airport, and continues to be so, that the mallard sculpture, formerly sited in the airside departures lounge, be relocated to an area in which it can continue to be viewed and enjoyed by members of the public.

"We have since identified the roundabout entrance to Jersey Airport as being a suitable location for this sculpture, which has the full support of the Constable of St Peter and the Minister for Transport and Technical Services.

"At present we are appealing for anyone wishing to sponsor its relocation, which will cost in the region of £9k including lighting and maintenance. Once this has been secured then we will proceed with the relocation and until this time the sculpture will be stored in a new secure location, provided by Transport and Technical Services."

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