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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

"Safe Jersey - The Big Society In Action!!!"

Man throttled wife in drunken rage

A WOMAN thought she was going to die when her husband started strangling her in a drunken rage, a court heard this week.
After she pushed Slawomir Lukasz Jurek away and managed to escape he returned with a steak knife, the Magistrate’s Court heard on Monday.
The 29-year-old scaffolder, from Poland, admitted committing a grave and criminal assault on his wife on 11 June in Midvale Road and driving while disqualified on 21 April in St Peter’s Valley, St Lawrence.
He was sentenced to 180 hours’ community service, disqualified from licensed premises for 12 months and fined £300.

1 comment:

  1. Ian.

    You just couldn't make this stuff up could you! We have just witnessed one of the worst atrocities, if not The worst atrocity ever seen in Jersey where 6 people, including children, tragically lost their lives by a man wielding a knife.

    I really don't think I need say more about the Jersey "Justice" system.