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Monday, 19 September 2011

"A Sad Goodbye"

First stab tragedy funerals to take place

The first funeral of the Jersey stabbing victims is due to take place on Saturday.
The Mass for 34-year-old Marta de la Haye and her five-year-old daughter Julia will take place at St Thomas' Roman Catholic Church.
The Mass will start at 10:00 BST and be open to everyone.
Jersey's Catholic Dean, Monsignor Nicholas France, and Father Jan Swiatek, the Jersey's Polish Catholic Mission Priest, will take the service.

Mrs Haye and her daughter will be in the same coffin to make it more practical to take them for burial in Poland.
A funeral Mass for the four other people who died at Victoria Crescent will be held on 29 September.
Marek Garstka, who was 56, his daughter 30-year-old Izabela Rzeszowska and her children, five-year-old Kinga and two-year-old Kacper died in the same incident.
They will be cremated at private services and the four caskets of ashes will be taken to a mass at St Thomas' church later that evening before being repatriated to Poland.

'Sympathy and support'
Monsignor France said Izabela's brother and other relatives were expected to come to Jersey for the cremation and Mass.
He said: "Amid the sadness of these last weeks, the good news is that so many people from all parts of the community have rallied round to show their sympathy and support in practical ways.

"From donations from the community at large, from grants from the States and from generous financial assistance from the Constable and Parish of St Helier, sufficient funds have been raised, in the region of £15,000, to cover all expenses both in Jersey and in Poland, which will relieve the bereaved relatives of any expense at all.
"The Church, Condor Ferries and others have waived their fees and the Funeral Directors, Pitcher and Le Quesne, are just covering their costs."
The relatives have asked that donations in lieu of flowers should be given to local charities Help a Jersey Child and the Centre Point Trust.

£15,000 raised for funerals of Victoria Crescent victims

Funeral services will be held at St Thomas’ Church, where a requiem mass was held in memory of the six who died at the Crescent

AROUND £15,000 has been raised to cover the funeral and repatriation costs of the six people killed at Victoria Crescent last month.
From donations from members of the public to grants from the States and help from the parish of St Helier and Catholic Church, the assistance means that the relatives of Izabela Rzeszowska (30), her two children Kinga (5) and Kacper (2), her father Marek Gartski (56) and family friends Marta de la Haye (34) and her daughter Julia (5) will not have to pay anything at all.
As well as covering the funeral arrangements in Jersey, which are due to take place on Saturday and next week, the money will also cover the cost of repatriation to Poland and burial there.
The funeral of Mrs de la Haye and Julia is due to take place at St Thomas’ Church on Saturday 24 September at 10 am. Their bodies will be together in the same coffin and will then be driven to Poland for burial.
Mrs Rzeszowska, her children and Mr Garska will be cremated at private services on Thursday 29 September before their ashes will be taken to St Thomas’ Church for a funeral mass that evening at 7.30 pm. They will then be taken to Poland for burial.


  1. (Mrs Haye and her daughter will be in the same coffin to make it more practical to take them for burial in Poland.)

    Mrs Haye???? Can the fucking rag not even have the respect or decency to get her name right!!!! DE LA HAYE!!!!