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Thursday, 8 September 2011

"Prison Should Soon Be Full Of Oligarchy"

Governor: Prison early release scheme works

THE prison governor has defended an early release scheme after two inmates serving sentences at La Moye attacked a man after being let out on licence.
Bill Millar, speaking as the two men await sentencing for an attack in which a man was hit over the head with a bottle and threatened with a knife, said that only four out of 21 prisoners released early from prison were recalled last year.
In 2009 – when tagging was in force – one out of 16 prisoners released early was recalled for breaching a licence. Early release licences – which allow inmates to leave prison before their sentence is up if they abide by certain conditions such as a curfew – were introduced last year as an alternative to tagging, which was deemed too expensive.
Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand said that he believed that the current system worked well and was much tougher than in the UK.

1 comment:

  1. I might be reading the above wrong but the way I read it is only 4 out of 21 re offended last year, but in 2009 only 1 out of 16 reoffended. Or were recalled, whatever.

    Percentage wise 4 out of 21 looks worse than 1 out of 16 so it was better before. I make it a 19% probability of being recalled by todays terms versus a 6% using the old method.

    I admit I might have read the article wrong as I cant understand how todays methods are better if i got my percentages right.

    If I am right then why couldnt the JEP have mentioned the fact that it ain't working so good!

    Tell me if i am wrong in which case the later results are better.