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Thursday, 1 September 2011

"A Price Hike Too Many For Haworth!!!"

A pint of Stella is 30% up on price in UK

ISLANDERS are paying an average of 30p more for a pint of lager than drinkers in the UK, a major new price comparison has revealed.
However, cigarettes and petrol are still cheaper here than in England.
The data released by the States Statistics Unit also showed that Island shoppers pay about a third more for fresh fruit and vegetables and a quarter more for meat than shoppers in the UK.
And the report has again raised questions about the prices Islanders pay for petrol, alcohol and cigarettes, showing that if taxes are removed from the equation, Islanders are paying a premium of up to 70p a pint for beer and 15p a litre for fuel.

1 comment:

  1. well there you have it jersey is more expensive then the uk thats no suprise really is it. not suprising then that more and more people are shopping on line for goods.then on the other hand there is no vat on food and clothes in the uk where as in jersey we pay 5% goods and sales tax on everything !!!!!just another sign of jerseys greed.