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Friday, 9 September 2011

"Ozo The Bozo Fluffs It Big Style"

Ozouf took "foolish gamble and lost" says civil servant

The civil servant linked to the failed deal to buy a new Police Headquarters in Jersey says the Treasury Minister took a "foolish gamble and lost".

Speaking during a scrutiny investigation, former Head of Property Holdings David Flowers, said the Treasury was using him as a "scapegoat".

He said Senator Philip Ozouf had been badly advised over the value of Lime Grove House and was concerned he would be publicly exposed had he not offered a lower price.

Senator Ozouf says the Treasury Department handled the deal in the right way.

On Thursday it was announced that Mr Flowers has now left his job at Property Holdings.

The States Chief Executive says Mr Flowers was not sacked, but "decided to leave".

David Flowers' departure comes in the middle of the Lime Grove scrutiny investigation looking into why the multi-million pound deal fell through.

After years of searching, Lime Grove House in St Helier was identified. Property Holdings made an offer of £8.75 million, but then Treasury Minister Philip Ozuof stepped in with proposals to shave £500,000 off the price, before the deal fell apart.

The States of Jersey Chief Executive, John Richardson, has issued the following statement:

"David Flowers has decided to leave his role of Director of Jersey Property Holdings. During his four years with the States of Jersey he has made significant contributions to the organisation.

"He has established a clear direction for the department and brought together the many sections of property that previously resided in departments, restructured and recruited appropriate resources."

The statement added: "David is returning to his family on the mainland, having completed the key objectives he was set on his appointment. He leaves us with our good wishes and thanks for his contributions. We wish him well in the future."

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