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Thursday, 1 September 2011

"Nurses Crapped On Whilst Ozouf Blows Millions"

Nurses denied a 5% pay rise

Pat Devine, vice-chairman of the Jersey Nursing Association

JERSEY’S nursing recruitment crisis is only going to get worse following the news that nurses will not be getting a pay rise, union officials have warned.
The verdict from the Jersey Nursing Association comes as the States Employment Board, which sets public sector pay, said it would not be following the recommendation of a recent report that nurses and midwives should have their salaries increased by five per cent.
As a result nurses are preparing to attend an emergency meeting to discuss their options, including possible strike action.
And Pat Devine, vice chairman of the Jersey Nursing Association, added that the public should be concerned because it is their healthcare that would suffer in the long run.

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  1. Jersey Doctors charge beetween £35&£40 a visit, this is based on a 10 minute consultation, on top of this they receive £19 for each consultation, a further £19 for a letter of referal for each patient, this subsidy is paid to them from the Social Security Health Insusance Fund, if this this subsidy was not paid, then the cost of a visit to a Doctor would be well in excess of £50 a visit.
    Incidentally, this subsidy costs the Island over £8,million a year.
    It is incredible that the nurses have been refused a wage increase, this SH*****E is becoming worse by the day!