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Thursday, 8 September 2011

"Not Sacked! - Left His Roll! - Whats the difference?"

Property director ‘was not sacked’, says civil service

THE head of the States property department was not sacked but has decided ‘to leave his role’, according to a statement from Chief Minister’s office on Thursday.

Jersey’s top civil servant has confirmed that Jersey Property Holdings director David Flowers has left his job and will return to the UK. His departure comes midway through the investigation into the failure to seal the Lime Grove deal for a new police station on Green Street roundabout. Calls to Mr Flowers at JPH on Wednesday were unsuccessful and the JEP was told that he was ‘no longer with the company’.

And a Scrutiny hearing on Friday morning, at which he was due to give evidence about Lime Grove, was yesterday cancelled, and then reinstated, without any explanation.


  1. I left my roll the other day, I was full up.
    Did you mean role? :)

  2. NO!!!

    I was sifting for spiel chequrs....


    Do we know if any pay offs to Mr. Flowers the man propelled to the centre of the so called fiasco. If he is paid off, Then these pay offs are hiding big cock ups and have to be answerable to the public.