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Saturday, 10 September 2011

"Murderer Damian Rzeszowski Shipped To England"


THE man accused of the Victoria Crescent murders has been transferred to a UK prison for security reasons.
It is understood that Damian Rzeszowski has been moved for his own safety. The 30-year-old Polish national was remanded in La Moye Prison last month after being charged with murdering his wife Izabela (30), his children Kinga (6) and Kacper (2), as well as his father-in-law, Marek Gartska (56), and family friend Marta de la Haye (34) and her five-year-old daughter Julia.
Mr Rzeszowski has now been transferred to a secure unit at a UK prison. La Moye Prison governor Bill Millar said: ‘He has been moved to a secure facility in the UK. He was moved some time during last week.’ When asked why Mr Rzeszowski was transferred to the UK, Mr Millar replied: ‘He was moved for general security reasons.’
Mr Millar declined to reveal which prison Mr Rzeszowski had been transferred to or disclose any more details about why the suspect was moved.


  1. Broadmoor, was the word on the street last week.

  2. Let`s hope that piece of s**t gets so many doings he tops himself.

  3. What will happen now is he will do his best to get certified a nut, then he will get the easiest life open to him which would be alongside the likes of the Yorkshire Ripper in relative comfort compaired to prison.

  4. I really do wish you people would stop judging before you know the real facts.

    I had promised myself I would not post on this subject again, or on this blog, but really is it not quite clear the man is severely mentally disturbed, was failed by the health authorities in Jersey, and clearly needs to be in a place of safety regarding his mental state.

    Raymac - what a 'Jimmy Perchard' type comment which which will hit at the heart of anybody who has lost someone through suicide, myself included who lost my son. You should all hang your heads in shame, including you Ian who should not be allowing such comments on your blog.

    Ignorance is bliss so they say.

  5. What facts would those be Jill?

    The fact that he murdered six people, the fact that he was seen doing it, the fact that he chased a victim in plain sight of other, the fact that he went to attack a eye witness who fended him off with a traffic cone?

    Which facts are you alluding to?

    You say you "wish people would stop judging" yet on the very next line, you do exactly that! You judge us.

    Why are you defending him Jill?

  6. Through all of nature and all of time, the predominant instinct of all life is to protect your offspring, and to the death if necessary.

    Remember this small factor when defending someone who goes against the inherent nature of the Universe....

  7. Ian - you have no place or need to tell me about protecting your offspring. I am a mother and well aware of that fact thank you.

    I am not defending the man as you put it, but saying that if the balance of his mind was, and is disturbed, he was clearly not in control of his actions or emotions aka mentally unstable.

    In your posting about the affect the actions of the police and judiciary had on your life you admit to be driven to a very low ebb and suicidal. It could just have gone that little bit further Ian and then who knows? You don't, I don't and WE don't know the state of that man's mind at this moment in time.

    Therefore, because he has parents and family, we should respect their feelings also, and if you are honestly defending Raymac's comment I wonder what your reaction was when Jimmy P expressed a similar sentiment?

    It is clear we will never agree on this, and as for Raymac, just be careful of what you say and the affect it has on other people's feelings.

    None so blind.......

  8. Jill, who gives a shit about the balance of his mind? There is no pardoning anyone who kills children, and if you cannot grasp that, I pity you.

    "In your posting about the affect the actions of the police and judiciary had on your life you admit to be driven to a very low ebb and suicidal. It could just have gone that little bit further Ian and then who knows?"

    WHO KNOWS? I KNOW JILL. I would never resort to taking a life unless mine was directly threatened, or that of family and friends. AND, as you know, I have been to that lowest ebb. Because I was broken, would have been no excuse for me to break others.

    YES, I feel so sorry for his family, and of course, those of his victims, but that is beyond anyone to heal.

    As for Perchard's comment to Stuart, of course people were not happy, there was outrage. But again, you clearly fail to distinguish between a decent honourable man and a child killer. If Stuart had been a child murderer, do you think anyone would have given a shit what Perchard said? Perchard would have been backed by any reasonable human being.

    You have your beliefs Jill, and are entitled to air them, just as Raymac, or anyone else is on here.

    What you do not have, is the right to force others to think your thoughts. I will decide what gets published on my blog, end of....

  9. Ian, I respect that you've been to deep depths of despair but you've clearly never lost your grip on reality - which is a separate mental condition. It is possible to be so disturbed that you simply don't perceive things correctly, it's like a dream, an alternate reality, it's terrifying. You can genuinely believe that your own nearest and dearest are the Devil trying to kill you and you should get them first.

    When you get better you can't believe that you thought that way. I wouldn't expect everyone to understand. I hope you never experience it.

  10. Anon

    I kid you not, I have been there also, believe me I have. And with our wonderful police who sought to torment me even further when I was there. It is a very very dark and lonely place....

    Perhaps some of the halfwits at Rouge Bouillon, and indeed, the Law Officers Department, will learn something from this posting.

    The way the Jersey Authorities oppress people will surely come back to haunt them one day if they don't back off from their bullying.

    Damian Rzeszowski could be their lesson.

  11. GEE-GEE,
    Had Stuart Syvret been a child murderer, my comment would have applied to him as much as anyone.
    I make no apology for my comment!

  12. Anon above said

    "You can genuinely believe that your own nearest and dearest are the Devil trying to kill you and you should get them first."

    As a consequence of this line, we can take it that Anne Pryke's Health Services has failed miserabley in letting this guy out of hospital the next morning after a suicide attempt!

  13. Luckily you and I both managed to cling onto some scrap of rationality and didn't do anything stupid or unlawful while in that state of mind. But just imagine that your grip on reality was a bit worse and you HAD done something awful. Would you feel it was entirely fair to be judged for that now, now that you're better again?

    I've seen a number of people do crazy weird things when under the influence of PRESCRIBED drugs that had interacted with other medication - acting completely out of character.

    What if the knifeman had been on medication that sent him temporarily out of his mind? What if he was on antidepressants and he'd started drinking at the BBQ, not expecting such dramatic results? We won't know until the facts are made public, so I don't believe it's our place to judge him yet.