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Thursday, 1 September 2011

"More Jersey Tax Payers Money P*ssed Up The Wall"

Unhappy landing for the Airport’s migrating geese

Alan Holmes with the apparently unloved sculpture in a field on the north coast

A SPECIALLY commissioned £45,000 sculpture that once took pride of place at the Airport has been left neglected in a field on the north coast.
Decollage, a nine-foot bronze sculpture showing birds taking off from water, once stood in the departure hall.
Since being removed from the Airport during the refurbishment of the departure area in 2009, the sculpture has failed to find a new home.
After the sculpture was rejected by the General Hospital and moved around various storage sites, a plan to install it in the middle of the Airport’s roundabout emerged this year.
However, it seems that the project has fallen through and the piece has been unceremoniously left in the field.
The discovery was made by Alan Holmes (61), who spotted the item while walking with a friend from Grosnez to Bouley Bay.

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