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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

"Knighted For Naught - More Horseshit From The Jersey Evening Post" the vids are not from them


No Shit Sherlock!

Well, thats goodbye to Phick Phil and his brother for a kickoff, followed by King Birt, Terry 'the' Sewer, Ian 'le liar' Le Marquand, the Ozouf party, and all affiliated scum. Then we can begin to look at our excuse for a police force!!!

Shysters & Saints

THE Senatorial hustings campaign began in St Clement last night with former Bailiff Sir Philip Bailhache launching an attack on the current crop of States Members.
In the first meeting of the Senatorial tour, 12 of the 13 candidates answered questions on subjects including referenda, reducing the number of States Members, and Jersey’s greatest successes.
More than 200 people attended the meeting and there was standing room only at the Parish Hall, with several people standing in the lobby behind the assembly room to hear the candidates speak.

Jersey Elections 2011 - Philip BailhacheSir Philip Bailhache - As a former Bailiff and Judge, Sir Philip is no stranger to Jersey politics. As Bailiff his position was Chief Justice of the island. He studied Law at Oxford University and upon leaving joined his family's law firm: He practised from the family law firm, Bailhache and Bailhache in Hill Street, St Helier. He lives in Grouville with his second wife Linda and two children, Alice and Edward.
As "Bay-Leaf" he also gave bail to an attempted rapist who had also beaten the woman, and just seven minutes after a jury had found him guilty in Bailhaches own courtroom. This rapist, Benyousef, then went on to rape two women, and is now serving 12 years. See link below.
Bailhache also lied in front of judges in England when admitting on video that he had 'just made it up as he went along'. Oligarchy Muppet....What A Guy!!! See link below.

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