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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

"Child Beater Mario Lundy? - Protecting Children? - Whatever Next!"

Jersey will not follow UK with new teachers’ powers

JERSEY will not be following the UK’s lead in giving teachers new powers to restrain unruly pupils, says the Education director. Mario Lundy said that adequate policies were already in place to deal with difficult students.
The UK’s Education Secretary, Michael Gove, said recently that he would be introducing tough new measures to ‘restore adult authority’ in the classroom.
Some of the measures were:
-New rights for teachers to restrain unruly pupils without having to record such incidents.
-Increased financial penalties for parents who fail to ensure their children attend school.
-Anonymity for staff accused of mistreating children to protect against malicious allegations.

At the link below is an account of incredible evil toward children, and guess who the star is?


  1. Bounce the kids off the wall an old well established JERSEY CUSTOM!!

  2. I am surprised that he didnt want to sign up to that, or am I. Point three is probably already in practice and point 1 seems to have been the practice many years ago so not sure whats changed.

    Point 2 is one that he should have picked up on, many kids these days learn nothing from their parents about rights or wrongs and school is possibly the only place they might pick up upon the rights and wrongs of responsibility as a member of society. If they have parents who dont give a toss then without school there is not much hope. The cycle just goes round and round.

    I dont want to sound like I am blamining the parents in all cases of bad behaviour but these days it does appear that the parents have a lot to answer for. Or even the parents of the parents, see what I mean about the cycle going round and round.

    That said I know loads of people who grew up underprivaliged and they are still very nice people. Allways say hello, stop for a chat etc, yet the ones who grew up privaleged are the total opposite, ignore you in the street or at least try to. If that attitude is passed on to their kids then what hope is there of people being brought up to respect their fellow man/woman.

    I have mates back from school many years ago who are mates with the children from then who were privalged and mates with those that weren't. At some point in the last 20 odd years a divide has been made and the children from the privaliged backgrounds dont associate so much with those not and visa versa.

    This has hapened in a short period of time relatively speaking and I am sorry to say this but I think it has a lot to do with our immigration policies. We are no longer a tight nit community where everyone knew each others family and parents didnt mind who their kids were friends with. Nowadays its simply a case of dont mingle with so and so because their family or where they live is bad news, likewise the poorer families are the same but different, dont mingle with them lot they have money.

    Ahhh, wish it was back to the good ole days where everyone mingled together and class etc made no difference.

    Sorry for the waffle!

  3. anon how right you are and its sad things just will not get any better martin

  4. "-Anonymity for staff accused of mistreating children to protect against malicious allegations"

    That would be right! That has pretty much been given to the abusers in the Jersey Care Abuse Disaster so why not extend it to teachers? This would allow for no action to be taken and for the whole thing to be covered up.


  5. Ooh, I smell a lawsuit coming on! You're brave :)

  6. Bring it on, the victims get to testify at last :)