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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

"The Lion Sleeps No More - The Hustings"

Jersey Senator Election Hustings Dates Confirmed
"The dust of truth swirls, and seeks its own cracks of entry. And a tree fallen in the forest, without ears to hear, makes no sound. Yet it falls."
"When a country is well governed, poverty and a mean condition are something to be ashamed of. When a country is ill governed, riches and honours are something to be ashamed of."
"Temporary gain or loss is determined by your strength,
but long term victory or defeat is determined by your adherence to truth."
Hustings will be held in each of Jersey's 12 parishes for the public to question the 13 candidates for senator.
There are four seats available for the role, which comes with an island-wide mandate.
All meetings will start at 19:30 BST with another countryside hustings held at the Royal Jersey Showground in Trinity.
Jersey goes to the polls on Wednesday, 19 October to vote for senators, constables and deputies.
It is the first time people have been able to vote for all three political offices on the same day.
There are 82 candidates up for one of the 34 seats available and 11 politicians, mostly constables, have been returned unopposed.
There are also six senators who are not up for election as they are halfway through their six-year term of office.
There are 61,987 people registered to vote in the election.


Hustings Dates

Date Location
Tuesday, 20 September St Clement Parish Hall
Wednesday, 21 September St Peter Youth and Community Centre
Thursday, 22 September Grouville Parish Hall
Monday, 26 September St Martin Public Hall
Wednesday, 28 September St Ouen Parish Hall
Tuesday, 4 October St John Parish Hall
Thursday, 6 October Trinity Parish Hall
Friday, 7 October St Mary Parish Hall
Monday, 10 October Countryside Hustings, RJA&HS Trinity
Tuesday, 11 October St Lawrence Parish Hall
Thursday, 13 October St Saviour Parish Hall
Friday, 14 October St Brelade Communicare
Monday, 17 October St Helier Town Hall

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