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Thursday, 1 September 2011

"Lessons Have Been Learned - It's Just a 'one off' Death"

Health Minister Anne Pryke
Again Delivers Those Immortal Words!!!

Elizabeth Rourke died during a routine gynaecological operation
An inquest into the death of a woman who died after undergoing a routine operation resumed today.

Former nurse, Elizabeth Rourke, was 49 when she died during a routine gynaecological operation at the General Hospital in 2006.

The inquest was a chance to take stock of everything that has happened since the inquest was first opened on the 27 October 2006.

It established once and for all that the cause of Mrs Rourke's death was massive internal bleeding.

It was also a chance to direct questions to senior health officials about the changes that have been implemented in the wake of a report by independent health watchdog Verita - mainly to ensure similar deaths are prevented in the future.

Verita were critical of safety procedures at the hospital, and concluded that inadequate locum recruitment led to the employment of surgeon Dr Moyano, whose inexperience contributed to Mrs Rouke's death.

They made safety recommendations following their investigation and in January announced they have found that these have been put into practice, including patient safety and improvements in the way in which locums are recruited.

Following the inquest, the Minister for Health and Social Services, Deputy Anne Pryke, said: "Following Elizabeth's death, the then Health and Social Services Minister, Senator James Perchard, commissioned Verita to undertake a wholly independent investigation into the circumstances that led to her death - including a detailed examination of her care and treatment. This was a decision which I supported when I became Health and Social Services Minister.

"Verita returned during the Autumn of 2010 to undertake a review of the progress made by the Health and Social Services Department in relation to its recommendations. This review demonstrated that significant progress had been made.

"Lessons have been learned from Elizabeth's tragic death. I can assure Islanders that the work to keep up the high standard of care we offer not just in the hospital, but across Health and Social Services is ongoing. It goes above and beyond my review, and is part of our culture. Patient safety is, and always will be, our highest priority."

Who would believe a WORD this crazy woman utters!


  1. CTV probably wont post this comment I left.....
    'inadequate locum recruitment' Who is responsible for this? Was this person suspended like John Day was? Has John Day been given an apology? This tragic event happened because of gross negligence at the very top of the heath service and they tried to blame the consultant !!

  2. Anonymous, I think you will find on reflection that the consultant clinically responsible for this locum recruitment, and indeed for the procedure that went wrong was in fact.. er, John Day.