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Friday, 16 September 2011

"A Lawyers View On Jersey Corruption"

Philip – “I realise how rotten this system has become”

Damning talk of corruption in Jersey is nothing new these day, even by the few good politicians that we have.
But to hear it coming from a reputable lawyer is quite something else. In terms of lawyer speak, this is a scathing attack on corruption in Jersey, and quite unprecedented!!!

Please do visit the link below to read the Nick Le Cornu Blog, it is a very good read and one that the voting public cannot afford to miss....

AND, if this is not shocking enough for you, Stuart Syvret has now published the most damning material on "Nurse M" You can read this at the link below....


  1. Thanks you for bringing this video for viewers.

  2. My pleasure anon, the real credit should go to Philip, Mike & Nick for its inception :)

    It is very powerful viewing