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Friday, 16 September 2011

"Jersey Care Leavers Association Finish The Kisch Saga"

Jersey Care Leavers hit back, ever so politely as always!!

Yes, we have sympathy-
but wartime is different JEP heading 15th September 2011

We are hoping that this reply to Mr Kisch’s letter (12.09.2011) will be the final correspondence on this matter, letters which cause continuing distress to the abuse survivors.

Firstly, may we state quite categorically that no letter that has been sent from the offices of the JCLA have been written by any lawyer whether local or otherwise, nor indeed by anybody not associated with the JCLA. However copies of the negative correspondence that has appeared in the JEP has been forwarded to those representing the victims in order to show just what they have to contend with regularly.

Whilst we are of course very sympathetic towards Mrs Kisch for what she suffered during the wartime years, we do not feel comparisons can be made. The atrocities that occurred in concentration camps etc. can never be forgotten, but surely from all this, lessons were learnt to never allow this to happen again. This period however was a time of war, and therein lies the difference.

The abuse that happened to the survivors happened in what should have happy, caring circumstances, by those employed to offer a home environment and upbringing that was not afforded by their own families for whatever reason. They were not in a war situation, but rather one where they should have been able to trust those in whose care they were. Yes, some of those children are left with many mental and physical scars also.

We hope that lessons will be learnt from this also, and once matters are all settled at least hopefully there will be some form of closure for those involved.

Carrie Chair JCLA

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  1. Carrie Modral is in a different class from the "scum" family Kisch.