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Friday, 9 September 2011

"It Still Sucks Freddie"

Portelet revealed – so now what do you think

Scaffolding and hoardings have now been taken down at the Portelet development

WE were asked to wait until it was finished before passing judgment. So what do you think now?
The controversial luxury Portelet development of 46 flats and seven houses overlooking Portelet Bay, which has won six architectural awards, is almost complete.
The scaffolding and hoardings have come down so Islanders can now get a clear view of how the development fits into the coastline. According to brochures posted to houses across the Island this week, the three- and four-bedroom houses and two-, three- and four-bedroom flats ‘are ready to occupy’ for between £705,000 and £2.7 million.
Developer Dandara has declined to speak to the JEP about Portelet Bay following its coverage in April, when a news feature on the Sir Richard MacCormac-designed development was published.
Reporters interviewed various people such as Charles Alluto, National Trust for Jersey chief executive, and Mike Waddington, former Jersey Architects Association president, to find out what they thought of the scheme.
Full story in Friday’s JEP


  1. O T T Can't you just see how they were built with Jersey families in mind. Oh I forgot not everyone here is a millionaire.
    Oh dear a nasty thought even a real millionaire might well not be interested in buying a property with so many neighbours living virtually on top of them, if such a thing was possible one could imagine it becoming a millionaire ghetto in years to come. So just who is buying them?
    Well at least they are now treating everyone more equally, lol, building rabbit warrens for all, I suppose this makes a weird kind of sense to some out there.
    As for the coastal view, well I think it is totally out of keeping. YUK.

  2. Couldn't agree more Linda as I have worked in a few of them. They would probably fetch about £400,000 back home.

  3. where,s the luftwaffer when you need them