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Friday, 23 September 2011

"IF The States Agree???"

Jersey 2012 budget: Tax relief on childcare to double

The move was announced in the Treasury and Resources Minister's budget for 2012.
If the States agree, working parents with children aged three and under will get £12,000 tax relief on their childcare bills.
Fiona Vacher, from the Jersey Child Care Trust, said the minister was helping the right families.
She said: "It will help some parents with the dilemma of whether they should go back to work or not.
"Parents are feeling the squeeze enormously at the moment and this will help working families."
The budget also includes a 4.5% increase in the amount people can earn before paying income tax.
However, duty on tobacco is going up 10%, adding 35p to a packet of cigarettes, and tax on alcohol is also going up 5% - adding 6p on a bottle of wine and 1p on a pint of beer.
Treasury Minister, Senator Philip Ozouf, said there was good news for motorists as there was no increase planned on fuel duty.
Senator Ozouf said Jersey's government was on track to get rid of the black hole in public finances.
He said: "We are on track to meet our savings target, to close the £100m deficit and to balance our budget by 2013. We are in a strong position.
"We are, however, conscious that many families have been feeling the pinch and with that in mind, this budget proposes to almost double the child care relief for younger children.
"This is the biggest targeted improvement in taxation for families with young children that the island has ever had."


  1. I dont have kids and am single, nice to see that people like me are also looked after, not that I begrudge families being taken care of but its about time the others like me were thought about too.

  2. Watch out for more cuts and the further privatization of public services.
    This is yet another cynical Ozouf ploy as the money will have to be clawed back in some way.
    You can bet the rich aren't going to be asked to pay anything.

    Take a look at this great clip from Elizabeth Warren on fair taxation