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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

"How Would You Like A Nice Bag Of A.I.D.S. ?"

Blood ban on gay men to be lifted

The lifetime ban on blood donations from gay men is to be lifted in Jersey.

Homosexual and Bisexual men have not been allowed to donate blood since the 1980s.

The restrictions were put in place to prevent the spread of HIV.

But the latest medical evidence suggests there would be no significant increase in the risk of infection after the change in rules.


  1. I sincerely hope that I do not need any blood now.
    Why cannot they keep the blood from "gays" separate, and use it only for "gays" who may need it?
    I for one, do not trust their "new" evidence!

  2. If its screened as it is supposed to be then there shouldn't be any problem. If it isn't screened then there would most likely be just as much chance catching the virus from an ex drug user as a gay. It should be one or the other, no gays, no ex druggies, no premiscuos persons, no one who could have come into contact with an Aids victim etc or everyone should be allowed and the screening should be up to sorting out the bad blood from the good.

  3. Spot on anon, but screening costs, big time!!!

    And with our New World Order wanting the population slash from 6.5 Billion down to to 500 Million, what a great way to get rid of the surplus garbage hey, thats us!!!

  4. Bloody disgusting should not be allowed !!!!

  5. Wow. That's just an incredible headline.

    Probably the most insensitve, moronic, uneducated thing I've seen on the internet today. (And I've been on the Daily Mail website)

    'A bag of Aids'

    Are you living in the dark ages?

  6. I take it that you are a "DOUGHNUT PUNCHER" then?

  7. AND NO, no dark ages here my friend, just don't want murdering when, or if, I need a blood transfusion!

    Same as happened to a dear friend some time back, which I will never evr foregive or forget simply because screening was not deemed cost effective.

    In other words, I do not trust the SCUM in Jersey's government to tell me the truth that any blood I might need, has been screened.

    If I wanted to hit on "Fudge Peckers" that would be to easy, your own shyte to yourself, but not in my face thank you very much :)

  8. Why don't you just go to bed ROB, and sleep it off, I suss you every time you post on here :)

    Dumbocles, In Exile, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

  9. Let me get this right - having looked at the rest of your site, you seem to have a grievance with the police who don't like you because of who you are. You feel persecuted.

    And yet you think it's okay to mock homosexuals for their orientation? Well, that's persecution too.

    See how hypocritical that is?

    For the record, I'm not gay. But I am a liberal. And I'm sick of living in Jersey with right-wing nut jobs like you.

    It's a good thing the BNP does not have a presence in the island because people like you would vote them in.

  10. I let that through coz I am liberal and open to critisism , negotiation, and discussion.

    But "YOU" don't like "MY" valid view, so who is the clown now?

    If you don't like the posting.... don't fucking read it! I really have had enough of trolls and government paid pisswits the last few days, so again....

    If you don't like it....FUCK OFF :)

  11. I laughed at Cover Up TV the other day on the Lime Grove House fiasco. Cover Up Reporter said that Ozo was "getting frustrated with the the vendors" and it sounded just like "getting frustrated with the the benders" LOL

  12. Sorry to deviate from the main subject, (give people a chance to cool off), but the ENGLISH DEFENCE LEAGUE is a greater concern to the authorities than the BNP.

  13. If the whole article is read properly, it says "it will be OK so long as the donor hhas not had sex for one year"
    So are we supposed to just take their word for it!
    F**K OFF.

  14. i for 1 would not like any blood from a chocolate runway pilot! this is just shameful and outrageous keep the marmite miners blood for the marmite miners and not for us straight people.who ever passed this idea needs to be given serious help

  15. Think about this logically. U saying if u had a choice u would prefer not to be saved from blood transfusion even if it was healthy just because it came from a man who likes men? Yeah right! If your life depended on it I think not!

  16. It's the underlying message that's pretty clear! Well people writing on this wall may not want 'aids' blood. I just wish that when I give blood I could stipulate who gets it. However we have no choice on that either.