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Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Hopes Jersey's Town Park will be ready by October

After more than a decade of waiting the first trees are being planted in Jersey's new Town Park.
The park at Gas Place in St Helier was originally meant to celebrate the Millennium more than 10 years ago.
After delays to address concerns about money, planning and parking, work on the park began in January 2011.
The Transport and Technical Services Minister, Constable Mike Jackson, said he hoped it would be finished by the end of October.
He said he was relieved that it was finally taking shape.
He said: "There is furious activity down there, trees are now going in, I'm going to be pleased to be officially planting a tree, which is a bit like a topping out ceremony for a building site.
"There's granite going down, the play equipment is about to arrive, and generally it's taking shape from an earthy mess which it was a few weeks ago so that we should see some green appearing and it'll start to look like a park."
Back in September 2010, politicians voted to set aside £10m to pay for the park.
The plans to spend were passed by just one "accidental" vote.
Senator Alan Maclean said he had meant to vote against the proposal but papers on his desk meant he had pushed the wrong button, and he was told the mistaken vote had to stand.

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