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Monday, 19 September 2011

"Guernsey To Get The Syvret Treatment"

Islands to join forces on data protection

Jersey's Data Protection Commissioner Emma Martins

PLANS to save £67,000 per year with a single Data Protection Commission spanning Jersey and Guernsey have been approved by the States.
Members voted on Friday by 37 to two in favour of the plans, which will create a pan-island Data Protection Commission, headed by Jersey’s current head of Data Protection, Emma Martins.
The proposals were put to the States by Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur on Friday afternoon.

1 comment:

  1. This is insane. And actually I feel just a little sorry for Young Miss Bergerac.

    Jersey has at least some sort of Code for Access to Information and - perhaps one day - will get an FoI Act. Guernsey doesn't have even that, and isn't planning to change.

    Guernsey's laws on copyright are new-ish and follow UK practice: Jersey's doesn't.

    Guernsey's official document repositories are a States concern: Jersey's are run by Jersey Heritage.

    Trying to do a job where you have that level of difference in practices is a surefire way to end up drooling in a padded cell somewhere.