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Saturday, 10 September 2011

"Fossil Resin John Gallichan - Leave Them Kids Alone"

Parish To Fight 3-day Jersey Live!!!

THE Constable of Trinity has vowed to fight plans to turn Jersey Live into a three-day camping festival following ‘excessive’ levels of drunkenness at this year’s sell-out event.
Following last weekend’s event, which attracted 10,000 festival-goers to the Royal Jersey Showground, organisers said they wanted next year’s festival to include camping and run from Friday to Sunday.

But the move has faced fierce criticism from parish officials and honorary police officers who fear the event would become impossible to police. Speaking to the JEP today, the recently re-elected Constable of Trinity, John Gallichan, said: ‘Jersey is Jersey. It’s not Glastonbury. It’s not like we are in the middle of Somerset where you can plonk down 150,000 people and just get on with it. I was elected unopposed this week and I told parishioners that I will always fight camping in Trinity.
‘If they want camping and can find a suitable site in another parish, then that’s OK, but I have stated there will be no camping in Trinity.’

Fossil Resin John Gallichan should get a life. He, and his Hitlerite followers have no understanding of life or freedom, or the concept of carefree abandon. Adamant that Jersey's  kids should not have any fun, he will do all in his power to stop the party in Trinity.

Kids need a bit of a blowout now and again, and especially in a warped control-freakdom dictatorship like Jersey. Jersey Live is something very new for Jersey's youngsters, and a chance to be a part of something good for the future. Gallichan waffles on about Glastonbury knowing full well that 99% of Jersey youth cannot afford to go there!

How Jersey will benefit after the demise of such isolated Oligarchy Schmuck's....


  1. The photo is of Sylva Yates not Callichan

  2. Google Gliche....Is that any better?

  3. what's he got against camping ? I think he is a right party pooper and should be replaced by someone younger. camping would stop allot of people leaving late at night and pissing in peoples gardens and would save buses being driven in to the parish .maybe John had no fun when he was a kid having to milk the cows and things before he went to school

  4. I think people Like Gallichan, the Bellyache bros, King Birt and Co, think the slaves are here to provide them with labour and riches, and nothing else.

    Such lack of humanitarian substance will undoubtedly increase the speed of their inevitable demise.

  5. Ian,

    I hope the youth get the message about their elders and betters.

    The deference of the media on this one was amazing, however CTV had a great interview with a woman of Trinity of a certain age and certain class, who was almost a parody of herself. Well done CTV, even if you did not realise the irony.

    I heard the organisers of the event being interviewed on BBC Radio Jersey expressing frustration and amazement. My comments to him would be if you want to live as a slave under a dictatorship then don’t complain. Its like the no dancing on a Sunday rule that was around in my youth. We regarded it with utter contempt – but obeyed.

    One of the slogans of May 68 in France was "Sois Jeune et Tais Toi" (Be Young and Shut Up)

    Perhaps youth in Jersey can learn from events in the past. Alas, I suspect few have read a history book.

  6. Yes Nick, the good times of "NO" dancing on a Sunday?

    I was working the doors then, it took me three weeks to understand that it wasn't a joke!!!

    But to hell with it, we let em dance all the time at Raffles....

  7. If I remember right, the law was men may dance with men on a Sunday and women may dance with women BUT NO MIXED DANCING.

  8. That tickled me, and for one reason, I think you are correct!!! :)

  9. Jersey Live hit out at police comments
    The organisers of Jersey Live have hit out at the police saying their comments about the event were "harmful and inaccurate".

    In particular they say the police over estimated the level of drunkenness at this year's event.

    The police claimed 34 people were treated for drunkenness, but the organisers - quoting from a letter from the St John Ambulance - say the number was actually 22.