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Saturday, 24 September 2011

"A Final Journey - Rest In Peace Marta & Julia xxx"

Funeral Mass for Marta and Julia

A funeral has been held for two of the victims of last month's tragic stabbings in Jersey.

The Mass for 34-year-old Marta de la Haye and her five-year-old daughter Julia took place at St Thomas' Catholic Church.

The bodies of Marta and Julia were in the same coffin. The mass was led by Jersey's Catholic Dean and the island's Polish priest.

The family expressed their thanks for the island's sympathy and generosity in their time of need. The bodies are now on their way to Poland, where they'll finally be laid to rest. 

A funeral Mass for the four other people who died at Victoria Crescent will be held on 29 September.
Jersey's Catholic Dean, Monsignor Nicholas France, and Father Jan Swiatek, Jersey's Polish Catholic Mission Priest, led the service.
Marek Garstka, who was 56, his daughter 30-year-old Izabela Rzeszowska and her children, five-year-old Kinga and two-year-old Kacper, died in the same incident.
They will be cremated at private services on 29 September and their ashes taken to a Mass at St Thomas' Church later that evening before being repatriated to Poland.

Thirty-year-old Damian Rzeszowski has been charged with six murders and is in custody.

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