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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

"The Filthy Rag - Vermin Of Jersey" + Cover-up TV election extravaganza!!!


From Rikki Du Heaume.
I NOTICED the other evening Guernsey’s advert to encourage residents to register and vote. It addressed issues in the island, caught the eye and looked professional.
This got me thinking about how much of a contrast there is in terms of an effort to get people to the polls and in the calibre of politics in both islands. For example they have a campaign which gets to the heart of the reasons why people should vote without making a mockery of democratic process, we have Hedley Le Maistre.

In Guernsey, they have members who are both personally politically respectable and who are more than prepared to represent all aspects of the political spectrum. We have Stuart Syvret. And finally, in Guernsey they have the respect of the public – something which very few of our own Members have.
Surely we should be looking to our Sarnian neighbours for advice on how to do things, and following suit. I’m sure we don’t want our first general election to have a poor turnout of voters and produce yet more ‘partisan’ candidates who are only there to serve themselves and certain aspects of the community.

We should all take voting and governmental process seriously before our Island is sold down the river, but before the public can do it those who are trying to engage us, should be taking it seriously.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

A reader says:

"I notice the latest letter attacking you in The Rag is by one Rikki Du Heaume.

Was he not a part of the corrupt, attempted hi-jack if the JCLA?"

Yes. That's absolutely correct.

Detailed information was recovered - and there is also fairly extensive warning correspondence with Health & Social Services - which they simply ignored.

In direct violation of the Public Finances Law.

Likewise - certain detailed data was recovered from computer records and e-mails concerning the episode when the JCLA was taken over unlawfully.

The issue has been drawn to the attention of the Police.

My understanding is that steps are being taken to obtain full bank records from that episode.

A detailed dossier could then go to the police.

I too may make as a formal complaint - against Du Heaume.

On several occasions he was advocating and promoting violence against me - writing on certain web sites such things as "Stuart Syvret should just have a F**king bullet through he head" - and that "Syvret should be shot in the f**king face".

So, yes - that Rikki Du Heaume.


and ME!

Jersey Elections 2011 - Philip BailhacheSir Philip Bailhache - As a former Bailiff and Judge, Sir Philip is no stranger to Jersey politics. As Bailiff his position was Chief Justice of the island. He studied Law at Oxford University and upon leaving joined his family's law firm: He practised from the family law firm, Bailhache and Bailhache in Hill Street, St Helier. He lives in Grouville with his second wife Linda and two children, Alice and Edward.
As "Bay-Leaf" he also gave bail to an attempted rapist who had also beaten the woman, and just seven minutes after a jury had found him guilty in Bailhaches own courtroom. This rapist, Benyousef, then went on to rape two women, and is now serving 12 years. See link below.
Bailhache also lied in front of judges in England when admitting on video that he had 'just made it up as he went along'. Oligarchy Muppet....What A Guy!!! See link below.

Jersey Elections 2011 - Freddie CohenSenator Freddie Cohen- current Senator and former Planning Minister. Senator Freddie has hit the headlines recently because he originally announced that he was stepping down from the States, partly due to racist threats made to him and in order to spend more time with his family. He has now announced that he is standing.
Fat Freddie, up to his neck in planning disputes and very possibly corruption. Wrecker of beautiful coast lines in Jersey. Oligarchy Muppet....What A Guy!!!

Jersey Elections 2011 - Rose ColleyAdvocate Rose Colley - Ms Colley is a new candidate and advocate at Viberts law firm.
"May your life be filled with Lawyers" as the saying goes....What A Girl!!!

Jersey Elections 2011 - Lyndon FarnhamLyndon Farnham - Former Deputy (1999-2005) and Hotelier. The 47-year-old is a well-known face in Jersey, both as a former Deputy and in the community - currently holding the positions of President of the Jersey Hospitality Association and President of the Jersey Battle of Flowers Association. He stepped down as Deputy in 2005 to spend more time with his family - he has a wife and two children - and to concentrate on business commitments.
Hmmm??? Heard lots about this guy, and none of it good. Oligarchy Muppet....What A Guy!!!

Jersey Elections 2011 - Mark ForskittMark Forskitt - New candidate and Environmentalist. Mark Forskitt is a member of the 2020 group, who already has political experience as a former county councillor in the UK.
A scholar and a gentleman, an avid environmentalist and a firm supporter of the Abused Children of Jersey. Mark is also pretty damn smart....Good Man

Jersey Elections 2011 - Ian GorstDeputy Ian Gorst - Current Deputy and Minister for Employment and Social Security. An accountant by profession, he is also Chairman of the Jersey Overseas Aid Commission. He has had a successful election history, first being sworn in as Deputy of St Clement in 2005 when he received 930 votes, and being re-elected in 2008 when he topped the poll with 1,112 votes.
hahaha, aaaahahahaha ahahaha ahaha aahaa ahha ahahhhha hhah Oligarchy Muppet....What A Guy!!!

Jersey Elections 2011 - Francis Le GresleySenator Francis Le Gresley - A current Senator, he gained his place after a by-election in 2010, called because of the removal of former Senator Stuart Syvret after he was disqualified from office for being away from the island for six months. The 60-year-old was born in Jersey and worked in the finance sector for over 20 years. Before becoming Senator he spent 18 years as manager of Jersey's Citizens' Advice Bureau.
Had my reservations at first, but Francis has so far turned out to be one of the good guys. Has also done his very best for the victims of Jersey Child Abuse....Good Man

Jersey Elections 2011 - Darius PearceDarius Pearce - New candidate and Town Jeweller -Among the younger candidates, Mr Pearce
He is also currently editor of Parish Matters, a quarterly newsletter produced by Progress Jersey for residents of the Parish of St Helier.[4]Elected to the Municipality of the Parish of St Helier, Jersey, in December 2005, he currently serves as a Roads Inspector for the Roads Committee and has been a member of the Constable's Accounts Committee. He is also active in age of consent debates on sexual offences, and the effects of their interpretations in local law, European law and international law. Pearce is a supporter of the introduction of political parties to Jersey.

Jersey Elections 2011 - Stuart SyvretStuart Syvret - Former Senator Stuart Syvret was a States member for 20 years from 1990 to 2010. During this time he held the position of Health Minister. He was dismissed from ministerial office by the Chief Minister in September 2007 and returned to the backbenches until he was disqualified from membership of the States in April 2010 due to his absence from the island. Former Health Minister Stuart Syvret has escaped jail for contempt of court, but has been sentenced to 80 hours community service. He has spent the last few years in and out of Jersey courts. Most recently, he was ordered to pay £5,000 in court costs and fined £1,400 for contempt of court charges. This does not rule him out of running for Senator.
Syvret fought against child abuse.
Syvret fought against the covering up of child abuse.

Syvret fought against the poisoning of the waterfront, and other parts of Jersey.
Syvret fought against land rezoning corruption.
Syvret fought against backhanders for the Government boys.
Syvret fought against money laundering.
Syvret fought against Government abuse of whistle blowers.
Syvret fought against honourable policemen being persecuted.
Syvret fought against covering up serial murders.
Syvret fought against the most corrupted judiciary in the western world.

Feared by the Oligarchy, held in incredible reverence by the Abuse Survivors, champion of the working man, belittled and trashed by Jersey's corrupt main stream media, and hater of Jersey corruption.


Jersey Elections 2011 - Chris WhitworthChris Whitworth - New candidate

Jersey Elections 2011 - Sylvia Lagadu Sylvia Lagadu - Now retired, Ms Lagadu is a new candidate. She used to run a guest house in Jersey.

David Richardson - A former Accountant, he has previously run for a Deputy position in St Mary, but missed out.

Linda Corby - Now a housewife, she was a director of a blue chip company. She was born in London and grew up in the West Midlands.
Last, and number 13? Bad omen? NO WAY. Linda is full of courage and determination and follows her principles and beliefs to the letter. Linda is also an anti child abuse campaigner and despises corruption and liars....Good Girl

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