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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

"Fall Guy David Flowers - Could Have Taken Pip Ozouf With Him"

Lime Grove: Senior civil servant leaves

A SENIOR civil servant at the centre of the Lime Grove fiasco which saw the States lose out on a deal to move the police station to Green Street roundabout has left his job.
No one contacted by the JEP today was able to confirm whether Jersey Property Holdings director David Flowers had been sacked or whether he had resigned. It was his department which was responsible for signing the deal to buy the Lime Grove building.
As was revealed last week, the States though that they had secured the site, only to find out that a finance industry company – State Street – had beaten them to it. It has been claimed that the deal could cost the taxpayer £8 million.
Mr Flowers’ departure comes midway through a Scrutiny investigation into the States’ failure to secure the Lime Grove site for a new police station.
Calls to Mr Flowers at Jersey Property Holdings this morning were unsuccessful, and the JEP was told that he was ‘no longer with the company’. All inquiries were directed to acting States chief executive John Richardson.

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  1. Keep quiet Mr Flowers,
    bonus and pension coming your way