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Friday, 2 September 2011

"Extradition In Commerce"

Extradition on seminar agenda

Philip de Figueiredo
 THE implications for finance industry professionals of a new legal landscape for extradition will be discussed at a seminar later this month.
The Institute of Law is hosting the seminar, which will feature contributions from English District Judge Quentin Purdy and Jersey’s Assistant Magistrate Bridget Shaw.
The seminar will look to inform legal and financial practitioners so they understand important pieces of legislation which have a potential impact on the international business community.
And among the cases it will examine include that of Jersey accountant Philip de Figueiredo who was extradited to Australia last year to face multi-million pound tax fraud charges and could face a possible ten year jail term
He broke down in tears in the Royal Court when the judgment was delivered last November.
Mr de Figueiredo has been charged in Brisbane as an alleged mastermind of Australia’s most high-profile tax avoidance schemes.

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