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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

"Esoteric Agenda"

"Esoteric Agenda & Kymatica"

Kymatica - The Follow Up


  1. Hi Ian,

    Thanks for staying up so late to put this film up, I LOVE all these sorts of things, so the link was helpful too, it's really SCARY stuff, I'll be spending all my time watching the others on You Tube ....never going to get the gardening done now ! Mind you I'll have to, cos we won't have any food in the shops!

    Keep up the good work, but get to bed earlier dear. x


  2. Cindy, I am pleased someone appreciates the stuff I get into.

    You were once a sheeple, now you are a shepherd, go tell other sheeple, and demand that they become a shepherd also!

    Most sheeple just laugh when I post this stuff, they sure as hell won't be laughing at the end of 2012. With their rat poison toothpaste, gargling flouride and that tasty aspartame they so love to guzzle down when thirsty!!!

    It is a very encompassing video, covers most of the major points except for not pointing out that they could cure every type of known cancer at the end of the sixties. Those papers are held in a vault in America, hidden away from the poor sods who rely on Big Pharma bullshit drugs to fleece them of their lifes savings with no hope of redemption!!!

    Unfortunately, when sheeple see the length of the video, they can't be arsed watching it, so jeopardise their own future. Good luck to em, they gonna need it :)

  3. Funily enough, I have just looked at the hit counter for this article and only ten hits?

    Pretty sad considering I get around 700 to a thousand hits a day normally.

    Oh well, no skin off my nose.

  4. Fantastic video Ian,it's all out there for those who choose to look but so good to see it all brought together like that, thanks for putting this up for us all to see.