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Friday, 30 September 2011

"Curtis Warren - Sir John McColl - Truth & Justice"


Having waded (for 23 years) through Jersey's disgusting rancid festering corrupt quagmire, known to the blind as Jersey Justice, we are at the inevitable tipping point.

We have seen over many years, the  blind eyes turned away from truth and honour by the holders of the position of Lieutenant Governor of Jersey. It is now the turn of General Sir John McColl to lead by example and show us all that he will not tolerate corruption in this beautiful island.

That he will not sit on his hands and let bent policemen do their thing unhindered, or that corrupt judges ignore the Law of the Land to vindictively persecute those they do not like, or those who pose a threat to exposing the real criminals, themselves! Or that our bent or cowardly lawyers do not pro actively follow Oligarchy orders in preference to justice for their clients. Or that our many corrupt policemen who break the Law of the Land on a regular basis, escape punishment.

Over my 23 years in Jersey I have identified 48 policemen who have deliberately lied in their statements, 18 policemen who have needlessly beaten me, 17 that have covered up for other policemen in a court of Law, 9 policemen who I can prove (with tape recordings) have perjured themselves in a court of Law, 8 judges who have deliberately refused me justice simply to cover up for the Establishment, 7 lawyers who have broken every rule of their oath of office, at least 5 of which have behaved criminally, 2 policemen who have rewritten witness statements, 2 members of the Judicial Greffe who have doctored trial tapes before they were sent to England for transcription, 1 policeman who has doctored other evidence, a police surgeon who has lied and deceived in dozens of court cases, and countless members of the Establishment who have conspired to pervert the course of justice, and all this is without mentioning anyone from the Law Officers Department! or higher up! or the civil servants!

"Shockingly Enough, These Statistics Are Just From 'My Own' Cases"

And to add insult to much injury, not one single policeman, lawyer, judge or government agent has ever had so much as a verbal caution in respect of any of the above matters. We look to you "Sir John McColl" for your honesty, guidance and deliverance from the evil we are forced to endure in Jersey!

"In God We Trust"


  1. Whilst some of you may have posted a response on this posting, it has probably been blocked. I believe that it is not a glitch, but the Oligarchy putting a stop to comments on my site.

    If anyone has faced a rebuttal of their comment on here, it is not my doing. If anyone wishes to post a comment, you can do it by emailing me at
    and if you want to leave your name then state the fact, if not, that's ok, just say 'name not for publication' but I am not closing down this blog for a few government Jersey fuckwits.

    We will see it through to the end, no matter what!!!

    "The small man thinks that small acts of goodness are of no benefit, and does not do them; and that small deeds of evil do no harm, and does not refrain from them. Hence, his wickedness becomes so great that it cannot be concealed, and his guilt so great that it cannot be pardoned."

  2. How can they block posts ? Surely it's illegal to hack someones blog.. data protection and all that..

  3. Of course it's illegal, but does that stop it happening?

    If an eleven year old kid can hack the pentagon mainframe computer, messing with someone's blog to cause annoyance is candy off a baby!

  4. Technical glitches are infinitely more likely than 'blocking'