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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

"The Curtis Warren Saga Rumbles On"

Curtis Warren appeals against sentence for second time

Curtis Warren  
Warren was jailed for attempting to import cannabis into Jersey

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Jersey's new Lieutenant Governor will decide whether the convicted drug dealer Curtis Warren can appeal against his sentence for a second time.
Warren is serving a 13-year sentence for plotting to bring £1m worth of cannabis into Jersey.
He is currently being kept at Full Sutton high security prison near York.
He lost his first appeal in March and on Tuesday he appeared at Jersey's Royal Court via video link appealing for a second time.
But the Royal Court decided it did not have the jurisdiction to grant more than one appeal.
Warren will now have to explain to the Lieutenant Governor why he deserves to be granted leave to appeal.
It will ultimately be General Sir John McColl's decision as to whether jurisdiction can be granted.
The Royal Court will resume on Thursday to explain its decision.

However, his conviction was obtained with illegally obtained evidence, which gave him the opportunity to appeal against his sentence earlier this year. This appeal was dismissed.

Today in court Warren's lawyer said he now believed a juror had been "got at" by Jersey Police and wanted his name released in order for the matter to be investigated as part of the independent Hampshire enquiry.

Now it will be down to Jersey's new Lieutenant Governor to decide whether Warren can mount his second appeal.

Warren's Advocate, Stephen Baker, said: "Mr Warren is extremely concerned that there is a reluctance by the prosecution to allow an independent police force to investigate allegations of jury tampering by the Jersey police."


  1. Realistically, they [Warren and co] were only talking about importing cannabis.

    The Jersey idle cops jumped on them and broke the Law because they nievely assumed they would put their hands up and say.

    Fair cop.

  2. come on ,anyone that is in porting or talking of inporting should get done .
    its not as if he is just a normal man on the street NICK HIM