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Monday, 12 September 2011

"Craig Pays Tribute To His Wife - Daughter - And Friends"

‘My heart is in a thousand pieces’

Craig, Marta & Julia De La Haye

A GRIEVING Islander whose wife and daughter were killed in Victoria Crescent revealed publicly for the first time yesterday how the tragedy has ripped his life apart.
Words written by Craig de la Haye, husband to Marta (34) and father of Julia (5), were read out to over 100 people who had come to pay their respects to the victims in a special remembrance service at the Weighbridge.
His words were relayed by Bernie Manning, one of the organisers of an event over the weekend to raise money for the victims, because Mr de la Haye said he was not yet ready to speak them.
The reading, which was also dedicated to the four other victims, said: ‘We had spent many days together, the Rzezowska and de la Haye families, and had a very close relationship. The tragedy that has happened to Izabela’s and my family has shattered my life completely, leaving my heart in 1,000 pieces. The only comfort I can take is that they all now rest together in peace for eternity. I love you and miss you all.’

Best wishes from Ian & Maria xxx
"A root, lost, leaves a hollow in its native soil in which its outline may be traced. Within this measured emptiness, many things may be read...Much is required of men in this world: respect for country, loyalty to friends, love for family. Of all these, none is more holy than filial piety, for it is the father who gives the greatest gifts of all."

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  1. Ian this is lovely... Thank u.. love and thoughts with Craig and family always xx