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Monday, 26 September 2011

"Common Law Oath Of Office Sworn by New Lieutenant Governor!"

Jersey Lieutenant Governor Gen Sir John McColl sworn in

"I May Just Put The Validity Of This Oath To The Test"

Jersey's new Lieutenant Governor, Gen Sir John McColl, has been sworn in at the Royal Court.
He will be the Queen's personal representative in Jersey and will be a point of contact between the UK government and Jersey.

He is also responsible for immigration matters in Jersey.
Gen McColl has moved into Government House and took an oath of loyalty to the Crown and to the Queen's subjects in Jersey.

Sir John McColl
In his welcome speech at the ceremony in the Royal Court, the Bailiff Michael Birt said Gen McColl would play an essential role in expressing the loyalty the island feels to the Queen.
The new Lieutenant Governor has seen active service in Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

At the swearing in earlier, the bailiff said: "The island has always valued the fact our Lieutenant Governor is invariably a very senior and distinguished serviceman to whom islanders can easily and naturally accord the respect and honour which is due to Her Majesty's personal representative.

"Your Excellency has indeed had a distinguished career in the army culminating in your appointment as Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, which in practice I understand, is the highest military position in Europe likely to be held by a non-American."

1 comment:

  1. How sad for Jersey! Another Hero that Jersey doesn't need! Why can't we have someone who isn't a gun toting John wayne, and Who doesn't like uniforms and who doesn't believe in the war mongering propaganda that we in the west are fed day in and day out!

    Urgh, another Queenie yes man!