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Monday, 5 September 2011

"Cohen Worse Than Ozouf For Bullsh*ting The Public" Hmmm? maybe not!

Cohen: Hate-mongers won’t stop me standing
Exclaims fat Freddie.

No Planning Permission needed for
this structure!!!
 AFTER weeks of speculation, Senator Freddie Cohen has announced that he will stand for re-election after all.
He says that he will not be intimidated by the ‘anonymous hate-mongers’ who threatened him and his family earlier this year in an anti-Semitic attack.
Senator Cohen (53) spent 5½ years as Environment Minister before stepping down from the role in the spring to focus on his new job as foreign minister.
On the eve of the deadline for candidates to put their name forward, he said: ‘I have worked very hard and delivered novel policies, ranging from Eco-Active and the Architecture Commission to agreement in principle on zero-ten, and I have a lot more to offer and want to give the electorate the opportunity to consider me.’
The Senator added that he would not be intimidated from standing after receiving anti-Semitic abuse and death threats earlier this year. Although a police investigation into the threats took place, no one was charged.


  1. All we need is the roll of bog paper and we know exactly where we stand--sorry sit....

  2. Why did Freddy resigne when he only had three months to serve?
    Watch this space.


    Senator Le Marquand replies to Lenny Harper and it really is staggering


  4. f cohen sent those letters to himself knowing full well what would happen he new he did not stand a hope in hell in getting back in but now he is going for the sympathy vote the man is beneth contempt

  5. I am skeptical about the level of anti-Semitism directed towards Senator Cohen. Elsewhere there is a low level of intimidation, such as fire bombing synagogues in France. It may be contrived in order to create sympathy amongst the simple folk. On the other hand if there really is that level of anti-Semitism they will not be voting for him anyway. Of course, racism towards the Polish, Romanian and Portuguese community receives no official comment. Indeed the hounding of “immigrants” is a way of dividing working people as they compete for the same jobs on ever less money.

    The “will he, wont he” nonsense was only for the gullible. Who could resist the prospect of a future appointment with so much international travel – economy class naturally?

    The Establishment have cleverly cleared off all potential distractions in their camp and we are left with four candidates – Bailhache, Gorst, Cohen and the one whose name I can never remember, but went on about saving Senators - Valentino or something.