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Friday, 16 September 2011

"Christmas Comes Early At Royal Court"

Judge To Face Fraud Trial
Ian Christmas arrives at the Royal Court

A JERSEY judge is facing a Royal Court trial accused of fraud in relation to property investments.
After more than three years of suspension from court duties since dawn raids on his office in June 2008, Magistrate-designate Ian Christmas has been formally indicted in the Royal Court.
He and co-accused John Lewis, Russell Foot and James Cameron entered not guilty pleas to charges of ‘fraudulently inducing’ people to invest in property deals, and now face a trial.


  1. I have to say, I haven't had dealings with Mr Christmas, but I have with one of the co-accused (John Lewis). He was my financial advisor for a time, and he offered me the opportunity to invest in the Florida properties. I understood the benefits that the investment could achieve, but I also understood the risks. For me, I didn't know enough about the USA property market, so I declined the investment opportunity. There was NO WAY Mr Lewis attempted to fraudulently get me to invest, and I think this is disgusting that this has been going on for three years! I honestly think this is some type of witch hunt from people that lost a lot of money, when really they should understand and accept the risks of entering into a 'high risk high gain' opportunity.

    "It is amazing the fool met with his money in the first place"

  2. Joe, there is clearly something going on in the background. Jersey never turns against one of their own, especially a judge, unless there is a deeper issue lurking in the shadows.

    I was shocked when they turned against Judge David Trott, most states employed drink drivers get a lift home off the police, not prosecuted!

    They wanted Trott out for some reason....