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Monday, 5 September 2011

"Another Sad Suicide In Jersey - The World Suicide Capital"

Rest in Peace Addy xxx

How Many More Suicides Before Action Is Taken And Help Is Given?

A Family man in his early fifties has killed himself by taking an overdose in sunny Jersey, the suicide capital of the World.

The man, believed to be from South Yorkshire, was a loving father and husband, and a hard worker who was well liked by his friends and acquaintances.

Our commiserations and thoughts go out to his wife and children on this saddest of days.


  1. The week before last the above suicide. Last week another known suicide.
    Must be at least one a week. Maybe more.
    And these are the ones we hear about.

  2. I believe there was also a young 19 year old girl who hanged herself last week, leaving her little baby motherless.

    Shocking times for so many. RIP

  3. ian im said to say sunday just gone a 15.1/2 year old girl allso killed herself nothing in news what has this island become rest in peace to all those that have lost there live because of jersey,s goverment martin

  4. Let us hope that half-witted clown Pryke is ousted in the near future, then we can go to work on the few honourable deputies that we will have and demand some friggin action!

  5. we can only hope the pepole will get out and vote if not god help us all because there is no will to fight in this island