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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

"Another Illegal Revenue Scam For Jersey"

St Clement could be Jersey speed camera pioneer

St Clement could become the first parish in Jersey to have fixed speed cameras under new plans.
Parish constable Len Norman said he met residents of St Clement last week following calls for lower speed limits in the parish.
He said they discussed an idea to install two permanent speed cameras in the village area on the inner road in St Clement.
Constable Norman said they could make a real difference in the parish.
He said there was no point having them on the coast road because you would need several to stop drivers slowing down for the cameras and then speeding up again.
The constable said it was believed there were no legal powers to allow fixed cameras in Jersey.
However he said that might not the case and so he was checking the law.
He said he was also talking to the transport minister about the move.


  1. If speed cameras like the above arrive then so will the people who watch top gear and destroy them, waste of money in the long run.

    What I dont understand is that a policeman using a speed gun has to be visible to oncoming traffic. Surely if that ridiculous law gets sorted out and they can just not be so obvious then the police will be able to fine these morons that think going an extra ten miles per hour or more actually makes a difference to getting from a to b in a decent timeframe.

    I laugh at the muppets on my way to work each morning as i head out of town towards the bel royal filter in turn. Hell bent for leather to get past someone doing 40 (the limit!) and then only end up one car in front at the filter in turn. it used to bug me no end but now I just laugh and occasionaly, yes I admit it, give it the right hand shuffle motion to the idiot who thinks getting up to the airport 5 seconds behind me was well worth being a tit on the avenue!

    There really is no point in speeding here for any other reason that the driver wants to be a dick. what does frustrate me though and I dont laugh at these is the speeders with children in their vehicle, shamefull behaviour if you ask me.

    To me its simple, stop making the police cameramen visible and increase the fines. Speed cameras will just be vandalised eventually and the tax payer will have to fork out for replacements.

  2. Some very good points Anon, especially the one about the weaver bird with kids in the back!